It Might Feel Like Food Poisoning To Be A Stan and Get Unfollowed

in the song “stan” by eminem,
he points out the dangers of being obsessed with celebrities.

in 2017,
stan culture is prevalent than ever.
even ig attentionistos/nistas with no talent have stans.
to say the least.
well a stan of nicki minaj got unfollowed today.
a “barb” is what you call them.
they did the ultimate ” no-no”.
this is what they did via entertainment for breakfast
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“I Don’t” Like It (Mariah)

i didn’t like the song anyway.
remy couldn’t even save it.
she sounded off.
mariah needs to do better.
i did like this track with remy on it tho…
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Mariah Carey and Remy Ma Play A Game of “Petty Cake”

what do two vixens who share a common enemy do?
they collaborate on a song together!
of course.
mariah carey had an issue with nicki minaj.
remy ma has an issue with nicki minaj.
so why not?
well it looks like this may just be happening
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Nicki Minaj Tries Her Hand At A Battle Rap Response

so what day is it?
it’s been what?
almost two weeks since remy ma bodied nicki minaj.
well nicki has decided to try her hand tonight.
the song is called “no frauds”.
it also features drake and wayne.
so these are the lyrics since the track is getting pulled everywhere…
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Safaree “Issa Snack” Samuels Does “Wendy”

i always thought safaree issa snack.
this is even before the wolf he has become these days.
when he was background with nicki,
i was always like:

well safaree is getting his second wind with this remy/nicki beef.
he went on “the wendy williams show” today to share his thoughts.
i have a few thoughts myself,
but this is the interview
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Remy Ma Releases “Another One”

aight remy,
so remy ma released another diss track called “another one”:

you peep mariah petty ass on that?
i’m good
on it.
she already put nicki in the morgue.
no need to put more shots in her.
the body is cold.
well i was waiting for her interview with wendy today.
if i ( x know aunt wendy ),
aunt wendy from ( x her radio days ),
i know she would be messy.
  fat joe joined remy on her couch and well
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