Mariah Carey and Remy Ma Play A Game of “Petty Cake”

what do two vixens who share a common enemy do?
they collaborate on a song together!
of course.
mariah carey had an issue with nicki minaj.
remy ma has an issue with nicki minaj.
so why not?
well it looks like this may just be happening

i choked.
if only she released the original without yg.
either way,
this is how petty should go.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: well at least nicki has her money and pop friends.

9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey and Remy Ma Play A Game of “Petty Cake”

  1. Ok, this is semi off subject, but I’m sure y’all have seen that Beats commercial with Nicki and others and at the end Nicki blows a kiss directly at the screen…however it always her eyes aren’t…every time I see it (like this AM) I’m like am I the ONLY one who notices she cross-eyed a/f at the end?…I did a Google search on the pressing matter and found one lone soul out there who sees the same thing, lol…

  2. Mariah started the legacy of putting rappers on Pop songs back in the 90’s w/ Fantasy which was a number one. Lol at this point in her career, she can do whatever she wants because she’s accomplished so much and has paved the way.

    1. Understood. And it worked for a while….but she hasn’t had a major hit with a rap artist in YEARS!
      That formula USED to work. Now it doesn’t so much. She went back to her roots with We Belong Together & Don’t Forget About Us and she was back on the top of the charts. She deviated with a hip-hop collabo, and she fell off again. So even though she’s accomplished so much, it seems she’s still striving to stay on the charts…but her audience isn’t feeling anything outside of the “pop/R&B” genre.

  3. Whack song. I don’t think a remix with Remy Ma will make it any better.
    Mariah, I’m gonna need you to step up your game musically. Stop trying to squeeze into them tight ass outfits like you still have your 90’s body. It’s not happening, Ma!
    you putting the latest rapper/hip-hop artist on your track is not gonna make it any better. Your quality of songwriting skills has diminished greatly, and the people in your camp need to be honest with you.
    Doing this will only incite Nicki to come after YOU not Remy Ma! Bad move….especially since she gave you so much hell on AI.

  4. It’s time for all of them to start acting like grown women instead of petulant children. And I guess Mariah Carey thinks it is OK to come out of hiding after that New Year’s debacle. This feud is rather old and tired.

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