We Find Out If Janet Jackson’s Alleged Cub Is Hers!

i’m sure that’s the look on janet’s face with these dna test results.
well the moment has arrived.
the foxhole,
and surrounding forests,
will find out if tiffany whyte is a “jackson/debarge”.
radar online tested james debarge and tiffany to a dna test.
a vix-bi who has been following the story gave me the heads up.
well according to radar online…

Whyte and James each subjected to a monitored DNA test at accredited facilities in California and Pennsylvania. After the results were analyzed by top experts in the field, Radar can reveal that James is NOT Whyte’s father!

Indeed, the scientific report says that there is literally ZERO chance of paternity between James and Whyte.

But of course, that doesn’t mean the story ends here.


…for tiffany,
yes it does.
well james claims there is in fact a love cub out there.
radaronline continued:

James told Michael Jackson’s death doctor, Conrad Murray, in a 2012 prison letter that he’d had a love child with Janet – and the heir he described may still be out there.

James isn’t giving up the search, and he insists that the truth will come out.

“I was a young boy who loved a girl tremendously and things happened how they did,” he said. “Janet and I were real close, but I guess not as close as I thought.”

Still, James is hopeful that the truth will come out. “I don’t think you can really pull the wool over the public’s eye” forever, he said.

“bye james”.

article taken: radar online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “We Find Out If Janet Jackson’s Alleged Cub Is Hers!”

  1. A few people from Philly on Fameolousent says Tiffany is mentally ill she has also claimed she is singer Jill Scott’s daughter.I haven’t figured out how she met James Debarge’s mom and why Inside Edition would even entertain this foolishness.Don’t they do background checks ?If not I guess I can claim I’m some celebrity’s long lost child and do a paid interview.😂😂

  2. Oh no! I can’t believe that he is not the father. I mean she favors… she has that same twinkle… She is so talented… she has that good hair… Oh crap, I give up. That woman ain’t got one thing that reminds me of the Jacksons or the DeBarges. Lady, get off the stage. Bye.

  3. I mean duh lol, everyone knew this girl was not theirs. Private as Janet is we will probably never find out if they ever had a kid together. Bunny Debarge knew this girl wasn’t theirs, but she did say Janet was pregnant back then.

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