JJ James Is A Lot Bigger Now Too

jj james,
who was a foxhole fav,
has def left the scene.
well he has been doing a little acting here and there,
but he was always quiet.
it looks like he put on that “love” weight

not with ^that person next to him!
compare how he looks now to:

he looks happy tho.
the lips will always be his greatest selling point.
i wish him well on whatever path in his forest he is taking.

lowkey: he had a very unique look.
i wish he would have gone farther in modelling.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “JJ James Is A Lot Bigger Now Too”

  1. I was even shocked when I fist saw this weight gain on his social media, I wasnt ready, its like he put on about 40-60lbs. As a gym rat now, most str8 dudes who lift want to be big like this. Im naturally big and my ass is always trying to get lean, I look bulky since I been lifting, got a big chest but this stomach is getting out of control lol, I dont know if he started lifting and started eating or taking weight gain but he is huge, it happens easy, because I can attest that once I started lifting, I started gaining weight again after losing 50lbs a couple of years ago, I am actually bigger weight wise but dont look it now that I have the muscles. The thing is though, when you stop lifting and get lazy, that bulk turns to fat real fast, I see it all the time, and he looks like he is one missed gym session away from being the old Rick Ross. At the end of the day though, he is a handsome dude so the women are gone still go up for him fat or small. I wonder what happened between him an BFF Travis Cure, they use to be thick as thieves a couple years ago and now you never see them together, I actually notice that about alot of these Attentionista’s, they have a 100 pics with someone and then it like they never knew each other.

  2. He put on some weight, but I’ll be honest, it looks good on him in that top pic.
    A lot of the OG IG dudes have disappeared! Keston Karter, Rafael Leonidas (ass supreme), and there was another dude whose name escapes me, but he was a fine ass, muscular, Dominican stripper.
    What happened to these kats?! Did they grow up and realize this was a fad for them?

    1. Hey Christian, Rafael Leonidas still has an Instagram he doesn’t update that much on it but he does have recent pictures on it and he looks like he lost some weight. One wolf that disappeared was Cross Thompson fine ass.

      1. funny how they were everywhere at one point…and then they just fell off. I know Keston tried his hand at acting, but I don’t know how that turned out. Maybe he should go walk back and forth in front of Tyler Pery’s offices for a bit. I’m sure he’d get thrown in a movie or on one of those god awful TV shows FAST!

  3. I honestly thought he put on his weight in the gym and just bulked up. Either way, I prefer him the way he was before.

    S/N: Travis Cure shaved his beard off lol.

    1. It seems like Texas breeds some fine ass men down there. I swear I haven’t seen anything like it. I need to come visit.

  4. He goes to my gym .He is definitely much bigger now. I didn’t recognize him when I saw him at first.

  5. I dig this site but I guess the problem I have with this site is that it sometimes mimics gay male society. Here people worship these nearly perfect unattainable male specimens for their ridiculously chiseled physiques. Yet once they gain 2 pounds their appeal is questioned and everyone has to decide if they’re still attractive or lust worthy. Who knows what this main gained weight for exactly but per his IG he seems to still be the same positive, healthy and attractive person yet this post is written as if he died.

    1. caz..yoooo! you know how fickle gays are. Most of the ones in life commenting, criticizing and lusting are out of shape and probably never was in shape.

  6. Update!!! He deleted his Instagram! I guess the life after an attentionisto is not a highlight 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

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