Travis Cure Is A Little Bigger Now

now we have talked about a ton of wolves within the foxhole.
some fell off.
others got banished.
travis cure looked like he fell off…
but he has been getting it in quietly.
as you can see he has gotten really muscular now.
just how i like it.
this is what else is up with him…

uh huh.
of course he has been in the gym,
but he has also been in a video:

…and ended up being the brand ambassador for “uncle jimmy products”,
a black owned beauty company for black males:

i’ll take it.
have it on my bed,
oiled and naked,
by 11pm.
all jokes aside,
it’s good to see travis out here making moves.
i hope to see more of him in my foxhole future.

check out: uncle jimmy’s products

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Travis Cure Is A Little Bigger Now

      1. The key is to suck that dick off before he leaves the house. He’ll be back for more. I’m just being nasty.

  1. Now he looks like everyone else. These wolves be doing the most getting all big like that. He is giving me jayehardbody teas.

  2. Damn, I didnt see my “he got a restraining order against me”Crush entry before I seen JJ James entry, LOL, I just wrote about my dude in my head Travis on the JJ James entry and how they dont run together anymore. I must admit, I like him better with the beard, longer hair and a little leaner, he is still gorgeous but the low cut with no minimum facial hair is not my cup of tea, but it aint like I am going to turn him away on a cold night, hell on any night. Yep he has been going hard for Uncle Jimmy, I hope this is a good move for him, he also has been acting. Hell I guess I need to stop worrying about cutting getting lean and just stay bulky, all the boys are doing it, LOL. Thick is in I see, no wonder my DM’s stay lit LOL, personally speaking, I still like my boys a little lean, I will be swole one 🙂

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