boosie ends up having a gay kid (karma?)

they say if your karma doesn’t come back to you,
it may come back through your children.
i know quite a few homophobic straights whose kids end up being
i’ll add boosie to the list of those who…

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mo’nique and her plans to be “the villain” seem to be coming into fruition

i realllllllllllly wanted to support mo’nique.
i was so happy for her when she booked the role on bmf.
i understood her pain and trauma from dealing with black hollywood.
she seemed to have been starting to thrive but ima be 100:

Her latest antics made her take 20 steps back.

i don’t fuck with dl hughley too tough but mo’nique’s plan backfired.
she has dl looking like a victim of hers.
in her latest “this might not be a brilliant idea“,
she decided to use his family to prove her point about him.


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you know she did an ig live to go further…

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“my daughter might be a lesbian”

some parents aren’t prepared to handle the tough situations involving their kids.
it drives me crazy when i see people think kids are for entertainment purposes and social media flexing.

“OMG Timmy!
Go put on that little costume and do that little dance for the neighbors!
You know the one I make you do because you’re my little circus animal!”

having kids is more than that.
it’s a huge responsibility that many aren’t ready for and honestly shouldn’t have.
they be cute until they start rebelling on that ass.

i got a call early from a friend who was dealing with an issue with their kid.
she wanted advice because her daughter was searching porn on her youtube account

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did not expect to wake up to “rip kobe bryant” today!!!!!

i’m at a loss for font at this moment.
i know that celebs i grew up with have to pass,
but when it’s tragically,
it can fuck me all the way up.
kobe bryant will be added to one of those celebs today…

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t.i. has an interesting father/daughter activity that has the internet annoyed

if you would have told me i would roll my eyes anytime t.i. opened his mouth,
way back when he was an up and coming rapper,
i probably would have slapped you.
i use to stan for this jackal,
but now…

so in another installment of:

“What This Pineapple Talmbout Now”

t.i. admits something that he does with his daughter,
deyjah harris,
every year.

well via “buzzfeed news“…

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cardi b and offset did it for the…

so those crazy hood folks ya’ll love,
cardi b and offset,
welcomed their first cub yesterday.
i don’t get why everyone is so shocked at her name.
they revealed the name today and it’s…

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