mo’nique and her plans to be “the villain” seem to be coming into fruition

i realllllllllllly wanted to support mo’nique.
i was so happy for her when she booked the role on bmf.
i understood her pain and trauma from dealing with black hollywood.
she seemed to have been starting to thrive but ima be 100:

Her latest antics made her take 20 steps back.

i don’t fuck with dl hughley too tough but mo’nique’s plan backfired.
she has dl looking like a victim of hers.
in her latest “this might not be a brilliant idea“,
she decided to use his family to prove her point about him.


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you know she did an ig live to go further…


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wtf does dl’s daughter have to do with her contract issue?
was his daughter there?
why did she choose to bring this up?
this came off so manipulative on her part.
i peeped how she did that and she wasn’t low at all.
most narcs use this method to turn people against someone.
from what i’ve seen,
the public is not feeling her for this at all.
dl’s oldest daughter,
ryan nicole shepard,
had to respond:

wasn’t mo’nique allegedly abused too?
why would she die on this hill to embarrass someone else?
did “that husband of hers” put this battery in her back?

i’m so glad the daughter had to drag her ass.
all this talk about “supporting black women”:

But she has literally thrown black women under the bus.

at this point,
mo’nique has beef with dl.
this goes well beyond contracts at this point.
mo’nique is like that scene in mean girls.

“Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Mo’nique.”

maybe this backlash will shut her tf up and get some common sense in her.
she has smoke for everyone but the promoters in this situation.

lowkey: am i the only one who hates seeing “that husband of hers” behind her?
mo’nique is coming off like a pick me.

11 thoughts on “mo’nique and her plans to be “the villain” seem to be coming into fruition

  1. She’s clearly bitter, holding on to something that someone said or did years ago! That’s like you being in your 40’s still holding on to high school grudges, then she flip flops like a fish outta water, foul mouthed, then talking bout my babies! She needs to shut the hell up before she digs herself any deeper.

  2. I read the Instagram posts and there is no need for me to listen to or watch anything else Monique and that husband of hers has to say about anything relating to this matter. Matter of fact, I’m over Monique just like I’m over Wendy Williams. I don’t support toxic ass bitches. When you prove to have no morals or standards and consistently demean and go out your way to be malicious to someone; that says more about who you are and your character than anything else. Both of them had a major fall from grace due to their own karma. Monique had a chance to rectify the alleged wrongs but clearly she can’t help herself from continually acting an ass. Her failure to leave the hood mentality back in Baltimore and put on her big girl panties and move like a boss veteran in these Hollywood circles and streets is what will be her undoing. Her putting that little girl’s trauma on display to get back at DL is simply nauseating.

    Yes she did say that she went into the Fox Theater with an axe to grind because she was bitter at DL and held onto a grudge for YEARS. This whole contract dispute sounds like bullshit disguised as a rouse to decimate DL which is a sign of a desperate pathetic woman child who refuses to grow up and act her own age.

  3. Clifford Harris aka T. I. was into having his daughter’s hymen checked.
    Monique is amazing, she’s got cojones.

  4. She went too far. I’m sure the daughter didn’t want to relive this.

    But this also opens up another important decision.

    Some teacher on TikTok admitted he has taught in 3 states and girls would “flash him for improved grades”, allegedly. People commented on how the dress code is to shame girls and inappropriate predators who work around children.

    And the Black community is terrible about sweeping up abuse under the rug. T.I. checking his daughter’s hymen was horrific. The policing of young girls like grown azz men shouldn’t know better is gross. So if DL truly believed his friend over his daughter, he is enabling that predatory BS.

    This is unrelated to their beef and she shouldn’t have brought it up. I also sense unhealed trauma on her part, because of her own sexual abuse situation.

  5. Reportedly on her first IG live, she said her rant on stage had nothing to do with her contract or the show lineup.She was getting back at DL for something he said years ago during an interview with Steve Harvey.She said they lied on her or told lies about her.She didn’t elaborate on what they said about her.She decided to clap back at him that night because she knew he was there to hear her.
    If a person is always beefing/feuding with multiple people they may be the problem,the common denominator.

      1. Let’s hope so.. I.cant stand her, a batch for real.. in Jamaica, they refer to her kind of behavior as a leggo Beast.. she needs a major intervention. Frankly I don’t think she’s funny, all she does is cuss pure bad wud n act like low class trash.. respect is earned.. she needs to guh siddung somewhe.

    1. Man, if that’s true and she held on to that slight this whole time, it’s obvious something ain’t right with her. She coulda been called that man and cussed him out if that was the case

  6. I’m gonna be brief cuz…whew! I feel like some of her fans are responsible for this horrid behavior. I’ve seen countless comments in threads saying she’s right, she’s “standing up for herself”, and et al. She feels empowered to act an ass because ppl still support her. She feels she can do no wrong and no bar is low enough to “prover her point”. Like, is it not obvious that either the promoters messed up or (in my mind) intentionally did this to get her going? That husband of hers is the root of this foolishness too

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