the unshocked value i’ve put in to michael b jordan and lori harvey splitting up

this pic didn’t age well,
didn’t it?
so today’s news probably doesn’t come as a surprise.
for some,
it probably does.

Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey split!
( x see news here )

*exalted gasps from one section of the foxhole*
i’m not shocked and told yall that i didn’t believe it when it started…

i’ve been writing for the foxhole for over a decade.
i’ve worked and been fascinated with entertainment before that.
i can tell when a couple,
whether in entertainment or irl,
are doing it for some kind of pr or attention for the moment.

These two didn’t make it easy for me not to think that.

in my head,
they did way too much to prove they were a couple.
the pictures always looked like the paps were called.
the videos gave an extra hint of “trying too hard“.
mbj has always been pretty quiet about his relationships but suddenly…

pro foxhole tip: when a couple is trying to make the public believe it,
more than likely,
it is not real and probably won’t last.
how many couples have we seen do this only to end?
you know the ones irl that do this and you’re not shocked it ended.
you can tell when a couple is natural and these two didn’t sell it for me.

she is pretty and he is fine (to me anyway).
they’ll be aight.
next up:

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “the unshocked value i’ve put in to michael b jordan and lori harvey splitting up”

  1. I’m sorry but I still think this was a publicity stunt to shut up the community about him not dating black women. Now let him go silent into that night like Lawrence from Insecure and stay with his preference.

    Yes I am a love is love type of person, but don’t pander to the community, like how conveniently addressing comments about not dating black women when you have a movie coming out, when you need something

    1. ^ you hit the nail on the head on why i didn’t believe it.

      he was being dragged for his love for white vixens but suddenly pops up with her.
      not only that,
      everything they did was a show with paparazzi.
      it was off.

  2. According to TMZ she deleted all the pics and videos of him from her IG but he still has pics and video of her on his page.Oh well…like you said they will be alright.
    As for Tyler and Miracle they have a baby on the way so I hope it’s real.

  3. I didn’t believe it for whom she dated. Michael isn’t her type. Nothing against Steve Harvey but his daughter a straight up THOT. She dated Diddy son and turned around and dated Diddy. Then you date Future, knowing his résumé with women! I mean rappers was making songs how they want to be next. I think she dated Michael so she can shut people up that she do like nice guys and he fit the bill all the way. Lori not looking for love, she looking to be talked about. When they started dating, she loved all the attention. When it faded away, this what happens. His career going higher. He ain’t worried about Lori, he love her but he not gon lose no sleep over her either.

  4. This happened right after that white guy said MBJ approached him in his closet for sex. (Oh the irony) His former personal assistant. So….

  5. Honestly, I always called “beard” but I am trying to mind only the business that pays me LOL. They will both be fine…

  6. I think most of us have caught on to these “Hollywood relationships”, by now. They’re mostly out of convenience, either the man needs to quash some type of rumor (either about his sexuality, or him not liking a particular type of woman–sometimes both). the woman wants some type of clout (like Amber Rose or Kim K), or it’s just to get attention for some project (like Marlon Wayans & Jennifer Hudson).

    In MBJ’s cause it was used to cover up rumors about his sexuality & him never publicly being seen “romancing” black women. And of course, Lori Harvey wanted the clout (hence the reason she professionally uses her famous stepdad’s surname, & not her own–when Steve Harvey didn’t raise her as a child).

    It’ll be interesting to see who MBJ is seen w/ once he’s once again rumored to be “gay” and/or “doesn’t like black women” inevitably resurface. If he starts being seen w/ guys like Diddy, Drake, OBJ, & Trey Songz, then I’ll definitely know what time it really is. 😂

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