jada pinkett smith brought vivica a. fox to tears about her statement in regards to “slap-gate”

are we still talking about the will smith vs chris rock showdown?
i guess we still are.
so jada pinkett smith broke her silence about it on “red table talk”.

“we need them both”?
on yesterday’s “the (not) wendy williams show”,
aunt viv aka vivica a fox came to tears over jada’s statement…

aunt viv.
i’m gonna font what i think you’d say to me.
we are in a literal civil war with white supremacists.
in 2022,
we have had over 232 mass shootings in the united states so far.
( x see article here )

the republicans refuse to take accountability and establish gun control.
we can’t go to the supermarket,
take the kiddies to school,
go to walmart,
or even go to work at the hospital without some shit going down.
i can see the tears headed in that direction.
will smith has been pretty silent after the “slap him up” debacle.
we don’t know what conversations jada has had with will and chris.
not only that:

They don’t need to apologize to us.

i don’t even know why jada is even talking.
what is she supposed to do here?
i guess she can invite them both to red table talk to “heal”?

most of our mental,
and spiritual health is at an all-time low.
the public is processing how to cope these days.
an incident that happened months ago,
where one party is still silent,
is dead in the water until further notice.
until will smith doesn’t take accountability,
we can “maybe” panic.
we got bigger fish to fry atm.
save your tears for something more useful.
i luh you aunt viv but this ain’t it.

lowkey: you know i love my auntie viv.
she brings the dramatics as i do.

3 thoughts on “jada pinkett smith brought vivica a. fox to tears about her statement in regards to “slap-gate”

  1. Why is she crying? Did she get slapped? Is this her version of auditioning for a new movie? I’m confused. I agree with you Jamari, there are soooo many other things going on in the world! Ain’t that deep to be crying on tv.

    1. LOL @ “Did she get slapped?” 😂😂

      She was slapped EMOTIONALLY — and even though the incident happened fiddy-leven years ago, she wants to keep HER NAME in everybody’s fucking MOUTH!

  2. Hmm I feel what you’re saying Jamari and yes we have been through ALOT recently just to still be talking about this mess when the 2 people involved ain’t saying shit. Now I can’t justify her tears because she actually knows them both and had 2 big iconic movies with them separately so maybe there is more to it than what she wanted to say publicly. (Vivica has a show called Cocktails With The Queens on YouTube and she spoke more in-depth about her feelings about the slap and Jada when it all went down initially) I will say that she’s right though! Jada is full of shit for not taking any accountability for the fall out of her husband taking up for her. It really makes me feel like she’s the evil queen sitting back laughing at the melee and thinks if they make nice then Will will get his career back. Like wtf?!? All she had to say was that I’m sorry that it went this far. If you aren’t gonna own your shit then why even comment. 🙄Jada is pretentious and self righteous. I’ve never been a fan of the Smiths outside of Summertime and The Fresh Prince.

    Now Denzel 2x Oscar winner Washington is the Sidney Poitier of our generation. Will Smith is his own legendary entity but he doesn’t measure up to them in the slightest. Vivica was doing the most with that part. 😂

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