b-boy blues gets a release date and i say “finally”

as you know,
during all this jussie smollett/subway-gate mess,
i’ve been more concerned with “b-boy blues“.
that is one of my favorite “coming of age” books i read.
with all the mess happening with jussie,
it overshadowed the book’s movie adaptation.
since his recent down time,
he seems to have been working on a way for us to watch.
the foxhole alerted me on when to set my reminders app…

it will be on bet+ on june 9th!
thank GOD.

i’m excited about this drop as much as i know some of you are.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “b-boy blues gets a release date and i say “finally””

  1. I just read the entire series, I read it when I was a teen but couldn’t finish it because my dad didn’t like the obviously queer covers, so I was very excited to see this hopefully I can.

  2. I just hope that this body of work gets the recognition it deserves. I’ll most definitely be tuning in

    1. I just hope Jussie ain’t fuck this up. I will reserve judgement until I watch it though. Fire Island is up on Hulu too. Pride month bringing us some must see tv.

      I low key feel like this could have been another Moonlight phenomenon with a different director.

  3. Happy that the film is getting a chance. Hated to think it would be in purgatory because of Jussie’s mess…

  4. I saw the premier when it screened online and wrote in the comments here that Jussie and his team did a great job. It’s so sad this film, which presents a loving Black gay relationship, was overshadowed by Jussie’s alleged hoax debacle. But I’m glad it’s finally going to be more widely available, and I hope we see more of James Earl Hardy’s and other Black gay authors’ books turned into films and series!

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