so i watched b-boy blues and, yeah, so…

it’s funny how we see things differently as we mature.
in my case,
i see things differently now that i’ve been in therapy.
i can see “oh you a fuckboi” these days.

I watched B-Boy Blues over the weekend.

i haven’t read the book by james earl hardy in years.
in my opinion,
i thought the movie was well cast and well-acted.
they pulled out the best of the best in terms of looks and talent.
thomas mackey,
who played raheem,
commanded all the attention on screen.
his chemistry with mitchell,
which was played by timothy richardson,
was off the charts.

i liked everything about the bts aspect of production.
let’s font about what i didn’t like.
is it me or…

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b-boy blues gets a release date and i say “finally”

as you know,
during all this jussie smollett/subway-gate mess,
i’ve been more concerned with “b-boy blues“.
that is one of my favorite “coming of age” books i read.
with all the mess happening with jussie,
it overshadowed the book’s movie adaptation.
since his recent down time,
he seems to have been working on a way for us to watch.
the foxhole alerted me on when to set my reminders app…

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