did not expect to wake up to “rip kobe bryant” today!!!!!

i’m at a loss for font at this moment.
i know that celebs i grew up with have to pass,
but when it’s tragically,
it can fuck me all the way up.
kobe bryant will be added to one of those celebs today…

i was asleep from a nap.
when i woke up,
my cousin hybrid sent me a whatsapp:

“Kobe though 🥺😨😥”

i’m like,
after it was pretty vixen and then a barrage of texts.
as soon as i went to a news site via “tmz“:

Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash … Daughter Also Killed

i’m sick.
kobe was one of the greatest nba baller wolves to do it.
his legend status will never die.
i am sending my prayers to his family and all the .
his wife and surviving daughters need to be covered in love and light.

May Kobe,
his daughter Gianna,
and anyone else on board rests in absolute power.

this is so horrible and tragic that i have no other font left to type.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “did not expect to wake up to “rip kobe bryant” today!!!!!”

    1. ^i haven’t cried yet because i’m still in shock.
      i’m trying to stay off social media because it’s gonna devastate me.
      i cannot believe this is happening…

        1. ^when a celeb passes of old age or sickness,
          it’s tough.

          when a celeb dies so tragically,
          it leaves you with no words.

          his daughter had so much more life to give.
          her father needed to see his legacy be passed on through her.
          i am absolutely sick right now.

  1. Rest in heaven Kobe and all others! I cry because I immediately thought of the Kelly Rowland song Stole where he was mention

    1. OMG I forgot about that song! *sings* He had game oh oh… His life was stole, now we’ll never know! Rip to all passengers. Tragedy!

  2. Shocked and somewhat in disbelief, I know it’s been said but somehow this Kobe tragedy just hits a little different. I saw it run across a scroll on my smartphone on Sunday and what I read didn’t immediately connect and once it did I knew it was sad but I was shocked at how it started to affect me, the more I sat with it the more I started to mourn for Kobe and his family. I mourned for Kobe the same way I mourned for Aaliyah. With Aaliyah I mourned because in my opinion she was so ahead of her time and never got to realize her full potential even though she was well on her way, and in much the same while Kobe definitely realized his potential on the basketball court I feel like Kobe was gearing up for an incredible second act, and now we’ll never know.

    I think its also surreal because in my lifetime I really can’t recall any sports legends dying, the only one that comes to mind is Muhammed Ali and at the time he was 74 and fought a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Many of the greats are still with us Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mike Tyson etc. For Kobe to be gone at 41 seems to be a conversation that has come 30 years to soon.

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