if the eyes are the windows to the soul, put a curtain over antonio brown

something is seriously wrong with antonio brown.
so you know he had to turn himself in for a warrant on burglary and battery charges?
well look at his mugshot

the eyes are the windows to the soul foxhole.
not only does he look crazy,
but he looks evil af.
there is a dark energy around him.
he looked more subdued in his court appearance today:

…but something is “off” with that one.
our first clue should’ve been his weird af hairstyles.
is that a mullet?

so is this his downfall?
has he reached rock bottom yet?
i mean he’s in jail and has a record now.
for some,
that would be the sign to turn life around.
this could be the set up for his comeback.
he might not play ball again,
but he can become a motivational speaker if his people can get him in control.
the public is very forgiving if you put in the effort.
it would take him vanishing tho.
his ego might not be able to handle not having a spotlight,
but that’s the only way i can see him bouncing back.
let’s hope his next moves after this aren’t cringe worthy.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “if the eyes are the windows to the soul, put a curtain over antonio brown”

  1. He’s getting worst. I mean, I would hate to see him end up like Delonte West. His NFL days are over because of his antics and they let you slide with a lot of shit. His own family has turned their backs on him. His reality checked hasn’t came yet. You would think the NFL snatching a contract from you would be that check. Losing endorsements would be the next one. Now your family. I don’t know about this one.

    1. Delonte West is a completely different case and truthfully I can see how Delonte ended up where he is now. Delonte has true mental illness and I have personally seen him be taken advantage off because of it (prior employment). If anything Antonio has anger issues and an evaluation could set him on the right path back to being more normal.

  2. Jamari,

    Do you have a personal vendetta against Antonio Brown?

    I mean, I understand he’s a “Baller Wolf” thus making him newsworthy for your demographic … but goddam. Does he trigger you subconsciously?

    And I get it, he’s a douche-bag, but he’s like the countless others that came before him ( and the many that will follow).

    So … what’s with the obsession and demonizing? Don’t we get that enough from white media outlets? It’s coming off very self-righteous.

    1. CTE doesn’t show up on a brain scan. It can only be diagnosed after the person is dead unfortunately.

      1. I thought that was the case too, but in 2019 scientists showed that experimental PET scan can detect the build up of tau proteins and MRI scan assessments that utilize Neuroreader can spot subtle changes in the brain caused by concussions, etc., that correlate with the effects caused by CTE, which can include loss of impulse control, mood shifts, violent behavior, depressive episodes, etc.

  3. Bruh what?! I actual thought he looked handsome and that he has nice eyes. He looked tired and annoyed, probably because he’s in jail? You sound biased as hell. If the mans eyes were blue y’all would be calling him the next prison bae.. boy bye.

  4. I think the problem with Antonio Brown is that as a society we are dishonest with ourselves. First I think we have to get away from making everything about mental illness, that’s becoming the de facto excuse for everything ( I could be wrong and Mr. Brown may in fact have mental problems but ultimately that is for a doctor to determine).

    We live in a society that puts money above all else, we basically worship money and the pursuit of money. People have to realize that professional athletes are scouted and recruited at an early age some as early as 14 or 15, and from that time forward they are pampered and catered to in such a way that it has jaded their perceptions of reality. Whether we like it or not in our society money makes you somebody, it gives you status, positionality, authority, and entitlement. It maybe ugly but having money even in the slightest makes you better than someone who has less; I see it all the time, how many people who they themselves are one pay check away from being homeless look down on the actual homeless or poverty stricken.

    Look at Antonio Browns behavior to the mother of his kids, now we can have a whole discussion about interracial relationships, but the reality is he never respected her in the first place and that’s what made it easy for him to disrespect her the way that he did. She was always just an expression of his wealth and status. We give people with money to much slack in the sense that having money and being able to dress in fancy clothes, have nice houses, and drive nice cars doesn’t make you a decent person. When I look at Antonio Brown I see an entitled man who is putting his entitlement on display and the “ Gag” is, that as much as we may publicly find his behavior disgusting to a degree; privately we covet the qualities and attributes that make his behavior possible.

    1. ^and folks love to coddle good looking males.

      if he was unattractive and acting like that,
      this wouldn’t even be a story.
      if a family member was acting the way he was,
      no one would even invite him over until he got his shit together.
      if a black woman was acting that way,
      she would be canceled.
      a black male with muscles and can play ball?
      we look past it until he does something drastic and everyone is quiet.

      antonio been acting off and needs to get it together.
      there is no reason he is throwing a bag of dicks at the police and being an asshole to the mother of his kids.
      he is showing us who is he and we might need to believe it.

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