she outed his cheating with a male and will have all his information on socials

when people are hurt,
we react.
it’s natural.
a vixen finding out the male she was with was cheating,
especially with the same sex,
would probably come as a shock to her.
a foxholer sent me the following video and well…

…and posted on wshh,
of all places.
in my opinion,
videos like this cause insecurities and witch hunts.

1) more males will rebel by being dl
2) more vixens will bring out pitch forks and tiki torches to out someone else

this creates propaganda that every male is hiding this huge secret.
some masculine “straight acting” males are curious and exploring.
that’s truth.
many males are bisexual and exploring that side of themselves.
another truth.
a vast majority are straight and would never mess with another male.
the real issue in this video is:


regardless of who he fucked with,
he still cheated.
in that video,
i doubt she would have gone to such extremes if he cheated with a another vixen.
tagging him and all this other shit to embarrass him is wack.

We have to get into the fact that males are messing with other males in 2020

out or in the closet.
it seriously needs to be normalized so it’s not a constant new sensation.
it’s always a juicy story for the foxhole,
but it’s not a:

…moment any longer.
maybe back in 2003 it was “the thing”.
nowadays it’s usually attached to a cheating jackal.
you never see males outing vixens for cheating with other vixens.

Why is it only with other males?


low-key: it’s always “well we need t out them because they’re giving out HIV!”
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cut it out.

10 thoughts on “she outed his cheating with a male and will have all his information on socials

  1. I’m confused about y’all talking about she was hurt. She didn’t sound hurt. She sounded annoyed as hell. Why do these niggas always start crying when they fuck up? Its pure manipulation. Crying doesn’t show that you gave a damn or that you are sorry.

  2. Yeh…Yeh…He still going back to that niggah!…they always do. That “Dayum I got caught shit” is just what it is……In The Moment!… Cause that ass was gudt’!!!!!!…stoo playing

  3. I don’t feel sorry for him. It’s 2020 if you’re in a relationship with a Woman and you’re bisexual she deserves to know so that she can make an informed decision. You dont get to cheat on her with multiple Men because you don’t have the balls to be honest. Then once it comes out and your exposed it’s sad. Cheating on a Woman with another Woman is bad and she’d be hurt but she’s expecting it to be a Woman since you claim to be straight. But to find out the nigga been cheating with Men its like two tough pills to swallow. Plus a Woman would feel like it’s a loss cause i cant give him anything because He wants something she doesn’t have. So the consequences of his actions have unfolded and he gets no sympathy from me. Gay Men, myself included at one point, always try to protect DL man as if its cool when its not. Now she didn’t have to release the info but again she felt betrayed. Logical thinking leaves the room when you’re emotional

    1. It’s a good thing I had to pull a dbl today cause I swear to God I was gonna write all that. Good job bro!

    2. I agree 100% and I would like to add that we as gay, bi, curious etc. Only see it from our hurt and perspective. Sometimes you gotta look outside of that

  4. My problem with this is the mental issues it leaves behind for the woman and the man. She’s hurt and does something that she might regret later when she really thinks about was it really worth outing him. And now, he is messed up and contemplating suicide or even homicidal thoughts towards her because of actions coming from a place of extreme betrayal. It’s never a win on anyone’s side when you out a person like this. Yes, she needed to confront him about this. But don’t bring the world into your situation and make it an unending nightmare.

  5. So pretty much what’s going to happen is the straight wolves are going to laugh at him for crying and admitting he cheated. That’s the only thing he will get clowned for. When they find out it was with a dude, anybody who know him might be like they don’t fuck with him no mo or they may ask him and be cool with it. Its not shocking anymore because 9 times out of 10, they doing it too! So if anything she just gon get him clowned for crying and begging for his woman but that cheating on her with a tranny, that ain’t gon do shit but have them ask him what’s that like if they curious. All the other ones gon b like, “I don’t even wanna know bruh”, and you right. Its always a female thinking by putting him on social media its gon ruin him but its just gon make her look stupid because she gon go right back to him. Yet let a female get caught with a girl, the females wanna side with her and be like, “well maybe he wasn’t taking care of her needs”, always some type of excuse but yet “you a faggot, you gay as hell” those type of females just jealous or don’t understand being gay ain’t frowned upon anymore. In fact, its too many people coming out. You would think there was a sign like when you go in a parking lot, we full, coming out the closet is full.

    1. ^vixens will go back if the dick is good and the money is plentiful.

      you are right tho.
      he will be “the story of the moment” and life will go on.
      the amount of males having/had sex with another male,
      and we don’t even know because we’d never suspect,
      that is more of a fun story.
      i’ve been exposed to a few and was like damn lemme get in on some of that meat.

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