he allegedly raped someone so we shouldn’t mourn kobe bryant

they say it isn’t who you were but who you are now.
i don’t believe that anymore.
i believe that even when we fuck up in our pasts,
we are still held in contempt about it.
you can thank the lovely social media era we live in for that.
kobe bryant was killed helicopter crash that literally stopped time yesterday.
in an instant,
many of our lives were changed.
we might have known him,
but we grew up with him and admired him for his tremendous talent.
unfortunately after his untimely death,
he is still being held by the chains of his alleged past sins

he is a rapist.”

among the mourning,
we are seeing those comments sprinkled through.
the “me too” movement is in full swing with no signs of letting up.
they got actresses getting dragged for controversial tweets:

that tweet might be held against her in the future.
my thing is:

Has tact gone missing?

if you don’t care about kobe,
you have every right,
but it’s very rude to bring it up during this difficult time.
anyone with a google could see that the accuser was full of shit.
regardless of all of that: that man is dead.
his daughter and others perished with him.
families and fans are grieving.

Where has the tact gone?

it got me to wondering about our pasts.
don’t think you’ve moved on from anything you have done/accused of doing.
we are still up for judgment years later.

for folks like “r. kelly” or “harvey weinstein“,
if they died tragically knowing their controversies,
would we have thrown their pasts up after death?

as much as folks claim the “past is just the past“,
i’m really starting to believe that it truly isn’t.
in this new social media era,
and a working search bar on google,
i had to ask

Are we still guilty even if we apologized for what we did/didn’t do in our pasts?

13 thoughts on “he allegedly raped someone so we shouldn’t mourn kobe bryant

  1. I can see both sides. But remeberm just because he was a hero to you doesn’t mean he was a hero. I don’t know if he did rape that woman, i wasn’t there. But i can see how someone who really beleive that he did can tweet that. Just like people who believe he didn’t are mad at the tweet. But what i don’t undertsand is people saqying stuff like “even if he did it’s the time to talk about” like wtf ? dying doesn’t make you a saint sorry.

    1. A realist comment.

      I just find it interesting that when someone “famous” dies, all of sudden, folks come out with flowers, high praise and this and that. I’m like where were you when I was alive?

      They say, “The world reacts”

      It’s basically… $$$$$

      In my opinion, folks are in the business to make money. Michael, Stan Lee, Whitney..etc and beyond are dead and “the people” are still profiting from them. In fact, it’s amazing how sales surge for items when someone dies compared to when they were alive.

      Soon, we’ll be getting a documentary for a profit turnover.

      I even saw people comparing this accident to the death of Aaliyah….

      I don’t follow stuff like this but a friend told me people were harassing his wife or whoever she was because she didn’t get on social media crying or showing emotion or something….If that is true…

      I just can’t with people today and their social media script lives…

  2. That whole incident is interesting , but now is not the time to visit it. Like when Michael died that wasn’t the time for Leaving Neverland. Plus I question what PR and Legal advice Kobe was getting. It sure wasn’t Olivia Pope level. His half apology sounded like acknowledgement of her perspective which gives oxygen to the Mee too fanatics. Plus he threw Shaq and his teammates under the bus when questioned by the cops. The whole thing was ugly and messy. Then homegirl got all that other DNA in her draws. Eww. I’m sure all involved wanted to tap out, especially NIKE and nutella.

  3. man how dare yall talk about this man yall know he didnt do that shit so RIP Kobe and fuck yall feeling

  4. Nobody cares what Delores has to say. She’s the worst part about Westworld. She’s insufferable.

  5. I hate that she waited till he died to mouth off the alleged rape. To little, to late she looks like a bitter hoe!

  6. Well, being that this is social media, they will bring up anything. They still talk about Michael and Whitney and just like them, when someone dies, they will milk the tragedy for as much money as possible.

    They know quite a few people dont care about who dies unless that person has status and then they play off emotions for profit.

  7. He wasn’t charged or sentenced and yes, she had other sperm DNA in her so… not saying she wasn’t raped but it wasn’t Kobe. If she was, she threw Kobe name in it because he has more to lose than a regular dude.

    Just like Tupac case, he wasn’t even in the room and he was charged with rape. By him being the higher profile person, he took the fall for it.

  8. I dont believe he raped that woman. I think she was a jersey chaser that got what you came up to his room for plus a little extra. 70% of all overturned rape cases involve black men. those numbers tell me that something is wrong on the front end……RIP Kobe…

    1. ^i read she had other sperm up in her too.
      she saw dollar signs and taking down kobe was the price.
      i think kobe was scared to admitted he cheated and not rape.

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