boosie has some “we been knew he would answer like this” about his gay kid

one thing about boosie,
he is gonna find himself on vladtv to have a conversation.
that channel is his reality show confessional.
boosie had a conversation about ( x his daughter who just came out ).
of course…

in a tl;dw nutshell,
he didn’t have the same energy he would have if it were one of his sons.
are we shocked?
if you are…

black straight jackals are so interesting to me.
i would love to watch a case study on them tbh.

lowkey: of course,
the black church influenced his hatred.
the black church was the worst thing introduced to the black community tbh.
i think for all communities tbh:

i guess it is amusing when they get their karma tho.
i do love that part.

7 thoughts on “boosie has some “we been knew he would answer like this” about his gay kid

  1. He is wearing the shades to prevent us seeing into his soul.
    All those firecracker dust smelling children with a peon for a Pappy. He STRAIGHT UP enjoyed that booty and head in the jailhouse. He knows that someone knows that he got down with the get down: which is why he vociferously speaks against homosexuality. He is still titillated by the memories, turned on by it.

  2. Wait..if u do the damn crime….u do the damn time!!! It’s not about a damn rat…..but it’s yo raccoon lookin AZZ!!! Boy Bye

  3. I just gotta say this……It bothers me that in the “Southern Baptist” it’s ok for men to go out a commit adultery, fornicate,lie,steal and kill….but let someone come out and say their homosexual…All hell done broke lose!!! Make it make sense to me… People out here killing folk….men out here layin it low and spreadin it wide droppin off dick and ball from one end of the city to the next….but yet being homosexual is the biggest sin in the bible!!! Trust me…. I’m from Alabama and I know how the “Southern Baptist Church” is down south…. I’ve lived in all my life…but I no longer care about it be I know who I am and I’m very comfortable in my sexuality…It just makes me heated…with his raccoon lookin AZZ!!

    1. ^ black church is the worst thing to happen to black folks.
      i will continue to think that cause it’s always the same contradictions and dumb shit.

  4. What a sad, ignorant azz -wipe excuse of an unattractive ,crackhead looking ,dusty ,funky deodorant resistant , vile , backward individual!!!!!!!

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