saucy santana thinks straights males need NOT to be smoking hookah cause its gay

everyone has an opinion of what’s gay and what’s straight.
i know for me,
i struggled with that when i was dealing with my sexuality.

Should I move my arms when I walk or should I keep them in my pockets?
Should I listen to males or vixens singing?
Should I deepen my voice or speak in my regular tone?
Should I befriend vixens or try to seek out male friendships?
Should I go to the gay club and risk being seen and humiliated?

Should I hang with him because he is feminine or will that make me guilty by association?

bad enough,
every decision i made was because i didn’t want to be judged.
i was judged,
picked apart,
and given years of trauma from family and peers.
i was exhausted and recently started to accept all of myself.
saucy santana thinks straight wolves shouldn’t smoke hookah.
he thinks it’s feminine and only gays should be smoking hookah…


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doesn’t he dress in vixen’s clothing?
someone could tell him “no man wears poom poom shorts and heels“.

i feel like people let this kind of ignorance go unchecked.
he is always been ignorant to me and no one checks him.
should we tell him where the origin of smoking hookah comes from?


( x learn the history of hookah )

this type of shit creates so much insecurity among males,
especially straight ones.

Do you know how many straight males probably think you are cool af but are afraid to befriend you because they’ll be labeled “gay by association”?

It’s not just the straights that will judge but some gays like Saucy Santana are the main offenders.
Some gays should know what it’s like to be tormented and judged for being who they are.

ej king had a wonderful comment under the ig post:

my message to any male,
whether gay or straight:

Do what makes you happy and stop worrying about what idiots be talmbout.

these folks will have you out here acting like a robot for acceptance.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “saucy santana thinks straights males need NOT to be smoking hookah cause its gay”

  1. I’m so tired of black people dictating what is masculine and what isn’t. This is ridiculous. Do what makes u happy and keep it pushing. Also Santana needs to sit down somewhere and hush.

    1. Ok. So let me get this right. Someone named Saucy Santana is providing insights on what it means to be a heterosexual man that involves not smoking #hookah 🤔the hypocrisy in this all because let that be reversed, and #LBGTQIA+ ( Some) will try to drag others. #makeitmakesense. We truly have lost all moral compasses.
      The Shade Room continues to perpetuate the stereotypical #clickbait of black America. Some of us stand on every word and spend hours debating, etc., vs. absorbing practical knowledge to elevate ourselves.

  2. I definitely went thru constantly making sure I wasn’t doing something that might be considered homosexual so nobody will suspect anything. Lord! all the shit I got from my cousins because I liked to watch Sailor Moon.

    I’ve never paid any attention to Saucy. Him squatting in that first picture look like he taking a dump. You doing people dirty with these pics you’re choosing Jamari… lol keep doing it

    I agree with everything everyone has said except it being something only the Black community does. We’re only saying that because of the grass is greener effect. I remember two White chicks at my college said men who wear scarves are gay. The Latino community has a ton of that type of thinking. Saucy himself is Latino. I understand the need to call out behavior like this but we don’t always have to throw the whole Black community under the bus. We put too much of our business out there enough as it is. Speaking on the whole community publicly like that makes non-Black people too comfortable and feel they too can speak on us in that way.

    Y’all should hear the shit other communities have revealed about their people that’s not public knowledge. You’d be SHOCKED!

    1. ^ i’m learning that some things are a “people thing” and not just because of what we see in our own community.

      i always thought white straight males were more accepting but they can just be as ignorant.

      1. In the US straight white males are the main ones trying to strip away LGBTQ rights, ban discussion of being LGBTQ in schools, ban LGBTQ books from libraries, undo the legality of same-sex marriage, etc. Look at who’s leading the push and writing the laws, etc.. Straight white males, IJS.

  3. Saucy is ignorant and so are the black women on that podcast who first talked about this topic,the girls that he said “ain’t wrong”.Sadly a lot of this toxic masculinity BS is started by women.I’ve seen tweets and comments from women saying nonsense like real men don’t/shouldn’t eat brunch,shouldn’t eat dessert,shouldn’t show affection to their friends,etc.Some of these same women are raising little boys who can’t be themselves because they’re so worried about being perceived as less of a man.It’s really sad.

  4. This my thing. Santana thought he was gonna be mainstream but I said from
    Jump he wouldnt bc he’s being laughed at not with
    The big wide Tasmanian devil build women love bc it’s non threatening . Nobody thinks Santana is going to take their man .
    They don’t like attractive masculine leaning gay men bc that reminds them of what they’re missing out on. They see it as a “waste of a man” .

    Santana says this but when a gay man says I don’t want a man in acrylics it’s called “homophobic” what denotes that homosexuals have to be effeminate ? I’m tired of the ignorance and preconceived notions all aground in society . Every masc leaning male isn’t DL and every out man doesn’t have to resort to “bad bitch” antics.

    Most weed smokers in general do not like hookah bc they see it as pointless. I don’t smoke weed often and love hookah. A man smoking hookah is no different from puffing on a cigarette .

    These ideals of what’s manly vs not stems from Santana hanging around insecure women who feel threatened by attractive men. Notice the city scammer girl types love ugly men. They want to feel like the prize . Tbh all need intensive therapy . How about he discuss women being with men who don’t love them and have babies on them . I Bet he won’t have that discussion . Or talk about men who only date you for their own social profile (see his fake relationship with Zell no swag) 💋💋

    1. That will never happen. Those Stright recording companies isn’t going waste their time and money on somebody like him.

  5. He is a hoodrat. His advice, at his small age, is useless. The problem is that the hood is winning right now, thanks to social media. The hood does not represent Black ppl!

  6. Jamari, I followed you on IG. I’m not a SM person, but I hit u because I fux w ur blog. Bsquaredny

    1. ^well thank ya kindly for the follow and your constant comments that inspire thought.
      much needed voice in these parts!

      i’ll look for ya on sm!

  7. I feel that anyone can smoke using a hookah regardless of what their sexual preference is. People think that they know so much. I get so sick and tired of the sissy thinking they the shit! Please get a life and stop being so messy!!

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