saucy santana thinks straights males need NOT to be smoking hookah cause its gay

everyone has an opinion of what’s gay and what’s straight.
i know for me,
i struggled with that when i was dealing with my sexuality.

Should I move my arms when I walk or should I keep them in my pockets?
Should I listen to males or vixens singing?
Should I deepen my voice or speak in my regular tone?
Should I befriend vixens or try to seek out male friendships?
Should I go to the gay club and risk being seen and humiliated?

Should I hang with him because he is feminine or will that make me guilty by association?

bad enough,
every decision i made was because i didn’t want to be judged.
i was judged,
picked apart,
and given years of trauma from family and peers.
i was exhausted and recently started to accept all of myself.
saucy santana thinks straight wolves shouldn’t smoke hookah.
he thinks it’s feminine and only gays should be smoking hookah…

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Fox Relationship Goals (5)


i mean…
as you know,
my inner werewolf doesn’t discriminate on doing ratchet shit.
even tho hookah isn’t “ratchet” per say,
this might be for the prudes…
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Spent The Night with Work Wolf (Hookah and Hamburgers)“a ha” moments sometimes come at interesting times.
it could be on the train,
at your cubicle at work,
or even as you sit on the toilet.
once you have one,
it can pretty much change the dynamic of your life.
well i had one last night with work wolf.
this may change everything…
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I Want To Hookah You But I’m A Virgin.

i was invited to a Hookah Bar in the city.
i know what it is, but then I don’t.
so foxes, wolves, and hybrids

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