I Want To Hookah You But I’m A Virgin.

i was invited to a Hookah Bar in the city.
i know what it is, but then I don’t.
so foxes, wolves, and hybrids

what is it?
do you get high?
will it make me age twenty years like cigarettes?
is it weed?
is it addictive?

 lowkey interested in trying it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “I Want To Hookah You But I’m A Virgin.”

  1. You should definatley try it. My friend and I stumbled upon one a couple of months ago and I been back twice since. It is more of a social thing, you don’t really get a high from it, you just get very light headed (but in a good way). It is tobacco, not weed, so take it easy. Make sure you do no more then 90 mins because your throat can give out. But it’s very fun, depending on flavors and how you inhale and exhale it taste pretty good. Go, have fun.

  2. Not all Hookahs have to be done with tobacco or filtered with water. Some can used herb (not meaning weed) which can come in different flavors. It can also filter with liqueur like rum to change it up

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