diddy rocks “it” out!!!

diddy is an icon.
maybe even a legend?
i was a huge fan of the “bad boy” era.
that music brings back so much memories of my childhood.
i wish i could be a fly on the wall during the 90s club era.
he really made some amazing and timeless music.
one thing i love about diddy is he loves to dance.
remember suge said:

uh huh.
where suge now tho?
gonna pretty much die in jail.
oh ok.
so diddy decided to dress up as “pennywise” for halloween.
in typical diddy fashion,
he had to dance for us…
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Judge Your Book By It’s Cover… For Dummies.

question-marksi thought this question was interesting,
so i thought i’d ask the foxhole…

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Alvin Bowen Needs A Modelling Job

remember him?

alvin-bowen-19that’s alvin bowen.
i spoke about him in entries past.
he is my new york neighbor,
new jersey wolf,
with a body i’d let smash.

he use to play for a whole bunch of teams,
but now he is a free agent.
he is still getting his modelling career on and well…

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The Mental Tie That Un-Bynes

i remember amanda bynes looking like this:

Amanda-Bynes-Hot…so who is this?

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Baller Wolf, Jacoby Jones, Got Moves Like Jagger

who knew…


(i love his name)
…. of the baltimore ravens was such a good dancer.
i guess he still on his high from winning the super bowl

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f0xmail: If This Nigga Don’t Put Down His Phone When He Is With Me!!!! WTF!


I have a question….When you’re in a relationship with someone & you’re out with them and you happen to see them texting someone on a regular HOWEVER the number isn’t saved! Should I be worried? I mean I trust my man & all but I just don’t have a good feeling about this…HELP!


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