Judge Your Book By It’s Cover… For Dummies.

question-marksi thought this question was interesting,
so i thought i’d ask the foxhole…


if someone came up to you and handed you a book and as you started to read,¬†you realized it was a book about your entire life…

Would you read it until the end?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Judge Your Book By It’s Cover… For Dummies.”

  1. hell yeah!!! I would read it up until the part about the following day, and just see what my next day would be like, then I might skip to the end and read the whole thing.

    Great thought provoking question Jamari!

  2. Honestly…I wouldn’t read the book as long as its not in my house…. I would though take a look at the table of contents just to see when I accomplished my goals.

  3. If you liked everything up to that point, or atleast it made you who you are.. would you pay god and try and change that? Ofcourse if it says YOU WILL MAKE THEN LOSE 1 million but will win it back in 1 year.. in that 1 year without it you will be tempted to try and make it but that could effect you getting it back the natural way…! Playing devil advocate.

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