I Want To Read Your Book

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 10.52.13 AMi thought this was an interesting quote.
i want to get some steady legal income,
perfect health,
body super right,
booty butt cheeks fat and tite,
meet a fine pretty packaged and safety inspected wolf,
meet “creative like minded drama free” people within the industry,
make my way into the right circles,
be invited to industry events where i’m on the list,
travel more,
stress less,
go to the gun range,
and continue to walk over all my enemies towards my destiny.
if god spares my life,
that’s what i want the book of 2014 to be about.
“i said it and it sha’ll be done.”


lowkey: i also loveeeeeee (song) this quote:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 11.42.24 AM

No One In The World

12113863so i finally finished the book i got from the library last week.
it was called “no one in the world” by the late e lynn harris,
collaborated with rm johnson.
i personally think it is one that all of “us” should read personally.
here’s what it was about without a spoiler
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I Hate You. Send Tweet. Smile.

remember this entry:

x celeb mean tweets

well jimmy kimmel got our favorite nba baller wolves to read theirs.

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f0xmail: My Straight Baller Wolf Friend Fainted Reading Your Site. Do You Care?


Dear Jamari Fox.

I am a “vixen” who recently came across your website and I must say I am a new fan. I am writing this letter today with an inquiry. I am very close to an athlete who plays in the NFL that you wrote about sort of recently. It isn’t a new entry, but it’s kind of new. He was actually sent your site through someone else because you had mentioned him and the other person saw it. He was shell shocked by the way you described your attraction to him. He is straight, but it was something he never thought he would read from a man. The comment section was just as vulgar. I found it quite amusing that he would react that way, which made me become a fan even more. He doesn’t understand the “roles” in gay society, or the ones you use on your site, so he thinks any man is trying to rape him. The question I am asking today is how do you feel about the athletes and celebrity men you write about feeling uncomfortable? If my friend was able to see your site by someone passing it on to him, who knows how many others have read your work. You know that in this homophobic arena of sports, they may not take too kindly to what you have to say.

Thank you for your time.


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f0xmail: A Thank You Letter (2)

I dropped you a note a few months back praising your site – and Im just here again to show you some love. My boy was just sentenced to 4 years for some bullshit assault he got himself involved in over a year ago. we have been writing back and forth – im just trying to help him keep his head up and not let his guard down. ANYWAY…I just read your piece from a few weeks back on “are you a fighter”  im definitely going to make a copy of that and send it to him.  Weve been friends for over 25 years and this piece of writing should awaken his soul.

Just thankful for your words and all that you are doing.


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