f0xmail: My Straight Baller Wolf Friend Fainted Reading Your Site. Do You Care?


Dear Jamari Fox.

I am a “vixen” who recently came across your website and I must say I am a new fan. I am writing this letter today with an inquiry. I am very close to an athlete who plays in the NFL that you wrote about sort of recently. It isn’t a new entry, but it’s kind of new. He was actually sent your site through someone else because you had mentioned him and the other person saw it. He was shell shocked by the way you described your attraction to him. He is straight, but it was something he never thought he would read from a man. The comment section was just as vulgar. I found it quite amusing that he would react that way, which made me become a fan even more. He doesn’t understand the “roles” in gay society, or the ones you use on your site, so he thinks any man is trying to rape him. The question I am asking today is how do you feel about the athletes and celebrity men you write about feeling uncomfortable? If my friend was able to see your site by someone passing it on to him, who knows how many others have read your work. You know that in this homophobic arena of sports, they may not take too kindly to what you have to say.

Thank you for your time.


well thank you for becoming a fan and honorary member of the foxhole.
to answer your question,
do i care about making them uncomfortable?

tumblr_mbchxnvMnI1rxc85oo1_500here’s the thing,
i don’t write my blog with malice.
i’m not out to hurt anyone,
i’m not shady (well not to those who don’t deserve it),
nor am i looking to out anyone for stardom.
if i see a fine wolf,
(baller pre or reg)
it’s a compliment.
nothing more or less.
i can’t censor my comment section because they can say what they want.
sometimes i read some things and i’m like,
“oh my god!”,
but i can’t stop anyone from expressing themselves.
this site has proved an escape for many.
all in all,
i try to be as i can respectful.
when i call a man a “wolf”,
that is me basically saying he’s straight until proven gay.
i’m not going to sit around and say someone is a fox,
or queen unless it is proven so.

i’m sure some of these celebs who read may get nervous,
but my thing is,
if you are attractive then what is the problem with a comment?
i’m not going to rape you and take your manhood.
if you don’t want to be admired then become ugly.
stop working out.
stop dressing nice.
stop taking pictures.
crawl into a hole and cover it with a rock.
i’m acknowledging you’re attractive and with close to 4 million views so far,
i’m sure others feel the same.
hell they should be thankful i even wrote about them.
my site is pretty global.
viewed by both sexes and various industry types.

the way i see it,
if a man says you are fine and a woman says you are fine….
you better eat that shit up.
women and straight men are fickle as hell.
one minute they like you and next they don’t.
the gays however will be faithful and spend.
our pockets run deep on those who support us.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Straight Baller Wolf Friend Fainted Reading Your Site. Do You Care?”

  1. This message has been brought to you the the F.B.I. *cues music* We are always watching whether victim or perpetrator, we will find you and fuck you sooo many times in our heads. Who’s Foxy?? *shimmies*

  2. I’m wondering who it was and what I said about him lol. I’m sure I said something raunchy.

  3. Very well written reply as I’ve stated before I as well have dealt with this from either a celeb (or minor one), or athlete. I’ve always let it be known the postings are in appreciation of their beauty or handsomeness not indicative of what they do between the sheets.

    No we can not stop or regulate how other express their like or dislike but I like to remind people that being respectful goes a long way.

    In a recent conversation regarding an athlete that’s always taking pics of himself barely clothed the question came up about the leering people do when they see these pics. And likewise I responded if they didn’t want the attention they wouldn’t post revealing pics unless you’re an underwear model.

    My 2 ยข

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