I’m Hungry

being home from the plantation today…
the air smells so much sweeter.
the sun was beaming through my window.
my blankets were scattered about around me.
it was like a whole scene.
like in the beginning when they introduce the character…
mi also had to be in work at 8am so i’m home alone.
i feel at peace.
like in the first time in a long time.
as i laid in my bed,
i couldn’t help but think about some issues in the forefront…
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f0xmail: My Straight Baller Wolf Friend Fainted Reading Your Site. Do You Care?


Dear Jamari Fox.

I am a “vixen” who recently came across your website and I must say I am a new fan. I am writing this letter today with an inquiry. I am very close to an athlete who plays in the NFL that you wrote about sort of recently. It isn’t a new entry, but it’s kind of new. He was actually sent your site through someone else because you had mentioned him and the other person saw it. He was shell shocked by the way you described your attraction to him. He is straight, but it was something he never thought he would read from a man. The comment section was just as vulgar. I found it quite amusing that he would react that way, which made me become a fan even more. He doesn’t understand the “roles” in gay society, or the ones you use on your site, so he thinks any man is trying to rape him. The question I am asking today is how do you feel about the athletes and celebrity men you write about feeling uncomfortable? If my friend was able to see your site by someone passing it on to him, who knows how many others have read your work. You know that in this homophobic arena of sports, they may not take too kindly to what you have to say.

Thank you for your time.


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Jamari Fox Is The Nastiest Skank Bitch Ive Ever Seen. Do Not Trust Him. He Is A Fugly Slut.

Are you a bitch?

I’m just asking.
I like to know who I am dealing with.
Sure, I am always down for being an asshole when someone makes that mistake.
People need to know that as a Fox, Wolf, or Hybrid, you do not take disrespect kindly.
But, what happens when everyone you meet is just an extra in Mean Girls 3?
Is this lifestyle just full of wanna-be plastics?
Why is everyone striving to be the next “Regina George“?

Why are these grown men lighting up cigarettes, tossing their hair back, and being “cunt queens”?
I had to wonder….

Is this lifestyle just one big girl’s bathroom?

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Foxes, Hybrid, Vixens, and Wolves

I was thinking to myself today:

“What can I offer my readers besides eye candy?”
“How can I improve the quality of their lifestyles with products to fit their daily regiments?”

I decided that I wanted to start advertising on the site!
I want this to be a bigger platform for the Fox, Wolf, and Hybrid lifestyle.

If you have a product(s) or business that you would like advertised,
please send me an email at:

[email protected]

…and we will discuss further.


foxtrails: They Smiled Real Wide For The Camera Lens

I think Vain is amazing.
I love his opinion on things.
He has become a real fox-ture over here at IJF.

I was recently at his site and caught an entry that made me think.
Are Alpha Wolves like this?
It seems as the culture changes, so do our Wolves.
What was considered an “IGNORE” has now become an easy “DETOUR”.
He summed it up perfectly in this entry.

Check this out…

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