(excuse the old paint job.)

told you it would be a small hiatus

at last!
free at last!

so we back.
no mo’ disappearing.
no mo’ site down.
no mo’ of dat.
we have officially moved to our new digs.

this taught me a valuable life lesson.
one i am going to tell each of you now.
always be a boss.
make sure you own all your shit.
i was renting over at
no regrets.
they were good to me for almost five years,
but they had rights to all my belongings.
you see they gave me an eviction notice with no issue.
neighbor complained.
didn’t like all those sexy ass wolves/foxes/and hybrids cumin in and out
out and in.

either way,
the foxhole is now mine.

i want to thank EVERYONE who reached out,
sent emails,
checked up on me to see if i was okay,
and left comments.
can ya’ll show some love to the man!
he spoke to wordpress.
he went above and beyond for me and everyone.
love him for that.
also i want to thank GOD for guiding me.
he definitely answered my prayers.

i love you guys.
can i take a quick nap?
i am exhausted after this ordeal.
i been moving back and forth all by myself.
dealing with all kinds of technical shit.
i’m glad i can kick my shoes off and relax.

new stuff will be coming shortly.
we got a lot to talk about.

lowkey: remodeling soon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. OMG I checked here every day to see if you would ever come back and here you are! I’m glad I didn’t give up. Keep doing what you do, Jamari!

    1. ^i am so glad you kept trying!
      so many people who lurked I hope remember and didn’t forget.

      wordpress told me that it would take a couple days for my site to start showing up when you entered it into the web.
      a lot of people were still seeing that my site was down.

  2. Wow! I have really been buried in work these last couple of weeks. I am so glad you have overcome whatever transpired, Jamari. Trust me when I say this: even though I am often late in catching up on entries and do not post frequently, my initial realization that the site was down was like a death had occurred. I don’t say that to sound dramatic. Being able to share with brothers of all ages has brought much satisfaction and joy to me — from our serious conversations to our salivating over the visual feasts you provide. Having you back reminds me that we sometimes don’t appreciate things or people in our lives until they’re taken from us. Welcome back, Jamari!

  3. Why am I the last to know about this “hiatus”? I kept logging on to the site and seeing wordpress. I thought it was my phone at first, but then as days went by, Id get the same thing. Thats when I said “What the hell did Jamari do to get his site deleted?”. My mind was racing, feet were pacing, Lord help me, please tell me what has he got into. Im saying, I think I started to go into withdrawls. LMAO, but really glad your ass back. Next time I want some kind of notice in my inbox before you pull another stunt like that!

  4. YAAASSS!!! Your back! Ive felt so lost the last few days without you and your blog Mr. Foxx. Soo happy you have made your return and that your ok 🙂

  5. Glad to see it working! I didn’t expect it to be so quick! Where’s my honorable mention? Lol

  6. Welcome back Jamari. I knew he was going to be back in a few days lol. Y’all were talking as if he was going to be gone for months.

      1. everyone will either see the new site,
        or the old one.
        it is still transferring the data to the self host.
        sorry everyone for the interruption!

      1. I got caught up in my feelings.

        I genuinely wanted to help you because I know how it feels to get my blog deleted (three times) for no reason and I lost ALL of my work. I just felt like it went unnoticed.

        It’s cool though..

  7. YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so happy I could fuck pussy…
    (blank stare…)
    Maybe I’ve gone too far…
    WELCOME BACK J!!!!!!

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