someone i featured sent me a dm about my community (the foxhole) and well…

a wolf hit me up because of ya’ll the other day.
i wanted to share what they told me.
ya’ll need to know

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he read the comments in the foxhole and wasn’t pleased…

as you know,
we font about a lot of males on the foxhole.
whenever i post someone,
they tend to go pretty viral.
as soon as that happens,
the gossip starts to flow within the foxhole.
some of the foxholers come with the whole story.
it’s hard not to believe it because they come with reciepts.
there are others i can tell are making shit up.
i had a wolf hit me today about his entry…

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i have been so frustrated.
i got so much emails about the foxhole having issues


MEAT: (784)

so i’ve been going in on the.foxhole ig.
the foxholers seem to be loving the snacks,
and full course meals,
i try to cook up daily.
well i put up the following video yesterday and…
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The Foxhole “Does” Instagram (Finally)

so the foxhole has been asking
and asking
and asking
and i’ve granted your wishes.
the fohxole has an instagram now.

i just made it today.
we are live and in living color

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Cum Up Off Dem Privates: The Life of A Baiter (Interview)

tumblr_nw0t35CFfX1skmoejo1_500you know i love things that are interesting.
certain things i need answers.
with this platform of mine,
i am able to ask the questions to get answers i desire.
i’m trusted by many to conduct interviews as i grow.
the world of baiting has always been interesting to me.

baiting (v) : to lure a straight wolf up off their privates.
often done in disguise as a “vixen”.
may be posted online on various social media sites.

it’s usually done to straight wolves.
i’ve never done it,
but i often wondered:

How are the male species getting duped so easily?

that maybe a dumb question.
a male,
who is under the influence of horny,
will do the dumbest shit.

see: “cubs from one night stands”.
well when a baiter contacted me,
you know i had to get an interview up and running.
so foxhole…

Welcome to The World of Baiting 101

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