MEAT: (784)

so i’ve been going in on the.foxhole ig.
the foxholers seem to be loving the snacks,
and full course meals,
i try to cook up daily.
well i put up the following video yesterday and…

i wanna know who.
can i get a lead on the rest of his aesthetics?
thank ya!

lowkey: the ( x facebook foxhole ) came back!

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Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “MEAT: (784)”

  1. Ya know I’m kinda over dudes who look like this. It’s like the saying “You can find a bitch like that look just like that around the corner.” The Novelty has really wore off. At times I hate the age we live in. Truly the age of vanity. Nothing wrong with looking nice or being well kept but the dudes all kinda look the same. Maybe it’s just me. Oh by the way congrats on the new gig..know its not exactly what you want but sometimes you just have to make due.

    1. 100% agree. It feels like the twilight zone sometimes. The ig woman all have the same cartoon body proportions and drag queen makeup, and the guys are all roided out with ok faces. Nothing against their hussle, but it’s hard to stand out when everyone looks the same.

      1. ^i will have to agree.
        no one really makes me hormy for long periods now.
        well besides real celebs and baller wolves.
        kofi siriboe is on my crush list as of late.
        no regulars.

      2. @Mansur…don’t come at them about their bodies. They will get fired up. I asked one chick why she fucked her figure up (and her “before” was so much nicer than the “after”) to get a disproportionate shape. She said fuck you, my men like it. LOL

        I equate them doing it to low self-esteem. If I get bigger boobs or a bigger ass, they’ll like me more. No, they’ll disrespect you more.

        As for the fellas…it all about gym pics and their tatt/abs/bulge/ass shots. But they’re not gay/bi.
        True it doesn’t mean all of them, but as we all know…you can get an idea of the ones that will entertain your thoughts. LOL

    2. Add me to the list bro. We live in an age where mostly everything is posted on social media now. Some people want to be internet famous and have their trending moment. It’s nice to look at but everyone looks the same now. Honestly it’s boring. Im at the point now that when I see a dude with a regular man body and no tattoos, Im like “Who’s that? 😜” Lol

    3. Yeah it’s boring.. I don’t even comment on their stuff because you can already tell they’re over gassed and egotistical. But gays big them up so I guess they will always have somebody stroking their egos

  2. He’s a dumbass. I stupidly subscribed to his connectpal a while ago. He was posting nude pics and jack off vids. One day he messages me and says ‘dude Im not gay’. I responded “bitch I dont care, Im just here to see that dick”. I quickly unsubscribed afterwards. These attentionistos are ridiculous. They act so butthurt when they find out most of their audience is gay men…… Too bad they dont realize the power of the gay dollar….

    1. I would love to see statistics of how many men use connectpal vs women.

      I just don’t buy that a lot of women are subscribing. They aren’t visual like men.

      Does anyone know any women that would subscribe? I don’t 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. @Jay….these mofos know women aren’t subscribing to their content! They’re milking the opportunity for what it’s worth. Some of them will get offended if guys are subscribing to their content, but the majority know where their bread is buttered. Some will entertain the idea of “extra coins” but are quick to belittle and/or say harsh stuff about gay/bi guys if given the opportunity.

        A LOT of these guys shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them per se, because it can come back and slap their ass with a reality check.

      2. @ Jay’s question, me neither, I can’t see women wanting to pay for that, watching for free is one thing, paying up is a whole nother thing, that has men written all over it lol.

        @ Christian that’s exactly why I don’t take these guys seriously. I don’t like the idea of feeding these guy’s egos even more while they slash away at my already slashed self-esteem. It’s just degrading.

      3. @JAY most women clown them LOL. It’s funny when you see the ratio between women and gay men when we’re talking hate comments. When these videos get posted on instagram I usually see women calling these guys “gay” whereas the gay men are the ones who flock to these dudes and kiss their ass.

        As for women, I could only imagine a fat desperate unattractive auntie subscribing to someone’s connectpal. I mean damn how sad must you be to pay to watch somebody twerk online.. Sorry but we live in an age where porn is free, I’m just saying. To each their own.

  3. I agree… and he isn’t all that. He gotta a body…oh okay… Just another grown man with a gym body. These types are so annoying. You’re a trend sir, get over yourself… You will never be Michael Jackson, so get over yourself Latoya..🙄

    We as gay and bi men need to stop “obsessing” over these “Str8” dudes & giving them the idea that we are after them. Cause you know anytime a straight dude finds out another dude is gay, like most others str8s, they think all the gays want them & that some folks can’t admire their good looks or bodies. (EVEN THE UGMO BRIDGE TROLL STR8 DUDES THINK LIKE THIS). There are plenty of gay dudes that look fine that lots of the “late str8s”.

    These MF’s don’t be getting a ‘gay dolla’ at all from me. Goof asses wanna run around on display & promote they bodies sexually like female pinup models but jump stupid when they know gay men be looking at them & probably bring in most of their revenue.

    Can’t wait til most of them fade off into obscurity eventually. More interestingly, I live for the days when they hit up a fine ass female & she says, “Sorry, but I’m not straight.”

    1. Well as the saying goes, “if you got it, flaunt it!” But the gag is, hoes will be hoes! I love no thotties!

    2. Which is exactly why I would never financially support any man that is showing his body for men, but claiming “straight” or they’re just “ambiguous” or even “gay-friendly”. Nope, not having none of it.I don’t buy it (literally). It’s actually insulting at this point. I mean, I don’t pay for sex (not judging those who do) but if I were to pay for sex, I’d much rather pay for a guy that knows who he is and his market and actually CATERS to ME. I mean, I’m paying so why not? But, I’m too cheap to pay for sex content either way lol.

  4. Chief Keef said it best, “These bitches act local and think global!” and I’m talking about these attentionistos on IG and Tumblr. I mean who are these buff sexy male muscle models that think the whole world wants them. I mean I ain’t gonna lie, I love sexy fitness model muscles and bodies but these dudes act local and think global and therefore, I love no thotties.

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