Rihanna Does “Crop Over 2017”

she is down in barbados for crop over ’17.
she debuted her new bawdy and well…

…the is looking amazing.
at first i thought she was pregnant,
but it is clear she is just thick af.
she even got chris brown to jump into her comment box:

…and according to the ig,
other celebs were all over her pics as well:

her aura is crazy.
i wonder if she knows the power she has?


Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Rihanna Does “Crop Over 2017””

  1. Rihanna has always been over the top beautiful to me!!!😍😍😍I’ll never forget the cover of her second album, A girl like me. A beautiful beauty shot of her face. That is one of the reasons I bought that album. Naturally beautiful.

    1. Yes! Her second album is when I noticed how stunning she is. My goodness. Her confidence is also very appealing.

  2. Well, the thirst is real though! Rihanna has and always will be that girl! She is loved by many but hated by a few. You gotta love the Bajan Queen.

  3. Rih looks amazing. Chris browns ass needs to leave her alone hes disgusting. When i saw the police report on his assault on her i was taken aback. Not to mention the BS his PR tried to push by deleting almost all traces of it from the internet. What he did was unforgivable.

    1. You taking this wayyyyyyyyyyyyy proportion all he did give a complement. and y’all thinking negative. PLus who give a fuck if you forgive him or not cause she forgave him and that all that matter

  4. Say what you want about her music but this woman’s sex appeal is UNDENIABLE! I know if I was into women, Rihanna would definitely be in my top 10. She just embodies this aura that exudes sex (in a good way) and she carries it off so effortlessly. And yes, all them damn celebs want a piece!

    Not knocking whoever has surgery but this right here is one NATURALLY beautiful woman. Damn Riri got me hot LOL

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