Usher Has A Bigger Problem Than I Was Expecting

i can’t.
i can imagine usher being in a concert,
working the crowd,
and seeing some pussy he’d like to fuck.
i’m sure that happens in most concerts.
the accuser in this usher scandal had her press conference today.
i learned something new.
everyone meet quantasia sharpton

is this a joke?
well this is the full press conference:

clearly she uses a lot of filters too:

so yeah…
back to what this taught me.


a concert and a birthday crown got her some alleged lethal pipe.
you just gotta be at the right place at the right time.
ya know,
i don’t know what else to think,
but this story is getting better and better.
i’d like more please.

lowkey: well tameka isn’t exactly “typical” either.
usher looks like he doesn’t care.
chris brown baby mama is shaped like a fridge.
shit can happen.

see more of quantasia sharpton: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Usher Has A Bigger Problem Than I Was Expecting”

  1. It might be a joke, it might not…Str8 niggas will fuk anything…and if Usher is trifflin enough to Let It Burn to other people including another dude, idk why it seems far-fetched that he smashed the BBW. Str8 dudes love big thick sistas too..

    I heard that she’s that big after her pregnancy…dunno how true that is but niggas love pussy and they love it more from a thick BBW woman. Lol

    Just like some skinty dudes might be chubby chasers in the gay world.

  2. She’s not an ugly girl at all. It’s not hard for me to believe that Usher or any other man would be attracted to a girl her size.

  3. This is outrageous. I will not believe this blasphemy. The people who are believing this is even more laughable. The first lady I was already skeptical of because of her being Tameka’s bridesmaid. We all know how cray cray that woman was at the end of the marriage with Usher. But now all these others are just sad.

  4. I don’t believe this chick for one second. Usher needs to sue the hell out of her and her lawyer.

    On a side note: I used to have a mutual acquaintance that was a big girl. She could pull the finest dudes. She was a hoe would pull so many fine ass wolves off line and from the club, fuck em real good and have them laid up in her house for days at a time.

  5. This chick is a scammer.Fameolous was posting tea minutes after the press conference.According to Fee she lied and said she got pregnant by August Alsina(there is a pic of her with him on the page).She said she dated Keith Powers for a year.She lied about having twins.She uses another name Angel Valentino and edited Luke James wiki page.She claimed she worked for Def Jam.Last week she posted on Facebook “I need some money”.

    BTW I don’t approve of the fat shaming.

    Also she says she tested negative for Herpes.

    1. When i said i’m looking for your comment!!! You actually gave valid reasons not to believe her other than “she’s fat”. Thank you for pointing out the fat shaming.

  6. Wow that’s crazy, so because she’s big she’s lying? WOW!!! That goes with “no she’s too ugnly she’s lying he didn’t rape her”. That’s crazy. But i forgot we were the “no fat no fem” community, so is it really a surprise that we judge people on their appearance? That tells a lot about our society.

    She’s is a beautiful woman, and yall should be ashamed of that body shaming right here. And the fact that people are more inclined to believe that Usher fucked a man than he fucked a big girl, even though he never said he was bi or there were no rumor (at least none that i’m aware of) about it, that’s sad.

    And let’s be clear, i’m not saying she’s telling the truth, i don’t know, i wasn’t there. But if your only reason not to believe her is “she’s fat”, shame on you.

    And jamari i’m really disappointed by the tone you used “is…is this a joke?” really? “clearly she uses a lot of filters too” Those a basic snapchat filters, who doesn’t use them? What that’s supposed to mean?

    She is a beautilful woman, she might not be at your taste (well do we really have a taste in women?) but she’s still beautiful. What’s unattractive is this, body shaming,sexism and misogyny.

    You’re better than this post Jamari, at least i hope so.

  7. Oh Jamari, please don’t feed into this PC bullshit of censoring yourself for your original reactions and thoughts.

      1. It’s funny that your own comment section starts with “Play nice”, that indicates you understand the importance of being respectful.

        There is a diffrence between being authentic and being unnecessarily rude, unless your authenticity is rudeness. People are always like “i’m just being real” , NO you’re just being douchy and rude. That’s has nothing to do with being PC but everthing with being respectful, but maybe that’s a bad thing now.

        Of course everybody was surprised by the way she looks, one would think base on what Usher projected (his new wife for ex) that he would go for what society defines as beautiful and it’s definitely not plus size women.

        But that’s absolutely not a reason to fat shame her. And if saying that is PC bulsshit, well i take it gladly then.

        You were not saying Kim Burrell was just being “real and authentic” when she called gay people perverts, and you’re happy when she got dropped left and right. Pharrell could have saif “fuck that PC bullshit i’m with her” but he didn’t and he dropped her ass out of respect and compassion for people she attacked for no reason other than her faith.

        Now that’s your blog and you’ll do as you see fit, and that’s fine. I’ll keep reading it until the negativity becomes unbearable and then i’ll move on, because if i want negativity i can just go on Fox News or Breitbart, and i don’t plan to go there anytime soon.

  8. The stunty cunty in all of us wants to fat shame this woman and attack her appearance, but we must resist lol

    * staring at you Jamari * 😗

    – anyhoo, as incredulous as this accuser might appear, I believe attorney Lisa Bloom properly vetted Ms. Sharpton before taking the case. Bloom was able to place Ms. Sharpton in the company of Usher through her investigation. Otherwise she wouldn’t have taken her case and risked damaging her reputation.

    Think about it! Usher is in hawt water!

    1. ^black,
      real talk,
      but it is out of control how you font me.
      i don’t even address you like that,
      but you stay being low key shady.
      i like you but im not with that.

      1. @ Jamari

        With respect, I don’t think I’ve ever addressed you in a way that could be termed “out of control” [as you put it]. My last comment was playful if nothing else. And as for how I “font you”, perhaps you should reread some of the comments on this thread from other frequent visitors who are calling you out for what they see as nastiness and rudeness towards Ms. Sharpton.

        Not sure why I’m being singled out in such a abrasive manner, but hit dogs do holler.

  9. Gay men can never give any lectures on fat shaming. Even fat gay men don’t want fat gay men. I liken it to a white person giving lectures on race relations😂

    I’ve seen some attractive bigger women. Hell I have a thing for attractive chubby women.

    Yeah…she’s not one of those. Sorry.

    I don’t know what vaginas Usher dives into though😂

  10. I will admit that I was shocked to learn of her physical appearance, but you never know who a person is attracted to. How many people do we see on the daily basis where there is an attractive person who is with an unattractive person? We see it on social media all the time. Whether all of this shit is true remains to be seen tho. All of it is a mess.

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