The First Day

“you came highly recommended.”

that’s what the supervising vixen told me as we walked down the hall.
i really knocked that interview out the park.
the vixens who interviewed me were happy to see me.
i got there early af too.
start time is 8:30,
but i got there at 8:10.
now yesterday,
i said my first day would go flawlessly.
i put all my stuff out the night before,
but of course,
there was “fuck shit” lurking in the shadows…

i woke up to no hot water.
that really burned the fuck out my biscuits.
so i had to take my big pot and warm water using the stove.
it felt like forever to get that to get hot.
even with all that,
i still left on time.

surprised the fuck out of me

when i got there,
i had to go get my temporary badge.
after that was done,
i was told to go upstairs and wait for the supervisor.
the vixens i interviewed with weren’t going to supervise me tho.
it was a another vixen who i was told “to watch out for”.

that’s fine.
there is always one.
sometimes two.

i been there,
done that,
and can handle any new challenge coming my way.

i’m a receptionist now.
just like what i wanted.
the procedures were easy af.
it wasn’t brain surgery to figure out.
once i’m alone,
i’ll feel more comfortable.
everyone seems nice so far so we sha’ll see.
the way how the “new me” is set up,
i’m not even interested in making friends.
i want to do my job,
collect my check,
and concentrate on the foxhole.
this is just a temporary stop towards the destination.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. Outfawkingstanding. Congrats, enjoy your new job, collect your check and take care of your needs. Youre there to work not make friends but if you gain a buddy or two (especially if they cute) doesn’t hurt either. Never know who you might meet…😄

    I low key heard that taking a shower in hot water and the switching to cool water before you get out relaxes the body.

    That topic pic is orgasmic..such a pretty one.

  2. Do yo thang…and do it well, J! Dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”!
    That one you were told to watch out for, may be one to watch but I’m sure there are others that will try to test you…and they will show themselves.
    You got this!

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