The First Day

“you came highly recommended.”

that’s what the supervising vixen told me as we walked down the hall.
i really knocked that interview out the park.
the vixens who interviewed me were happy to see me.
i got there early af too.
start time is 8:30,
but i got there at 8:10.
now yesterday,
i said my first day would go flawlessly.
i put all my stuff out the night before,
but of course,
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My First Day Without U

tumblr_inline_myqs9wxoP41rw52nui thought about you guys all day.
i was trying to see if i could sneak and write something.
not happening.
so listen.

i’m now a firm believer that when god takes something away,
he is going to put something better in your life.
it could be a relationships,
or in my case,
a job.
when people pass you up and ignore you,
i’ve learned that its for the best.
as much as you fight it,
get mad,
and throw tantrums,
be thankful it ended because if you allow it,
something better WILL come.
so my new job…
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