My First Day Without U

tumblr_inline_myqs9wxoP41rw52nui thought about you guys all day.
i was trying to see if i could sneak and write something.
not happening.
so listen.

i’m now a firm believer that when god takes something away,
he is going to put something better in your life.
it could be a relationships,
or in my case,
a job.
when people pass you up and ignore you,
i’ve learned that its for the best.
as much as you fight it,
get mad,
and throw tantrums,
be thankful it ended because if you allow it,
something better WILL come.
so my new job…

…is amazeballs.
yes i said “amazeballs”.
i work for such a great company now.
its in the fashion/entertainment industry with so much networking capabilities.
so the office i work in is set up like the devil’s wears prada.
hopefully everyone saw that.
so i sit at a desk with someone in front of me,
while my boss is in the office beside us.
now we don’t have macs,
but its whatever.
my new boss is actually really nice.
thank god.
it took me about 2 seconds to pick up everything the job entailed.
everything was going smooth.
well not until the regional manager pulled me to the side:

“i’m very impressed with how well you did today.
it usually takes new hires a while to catch on.
we actually had you in training for a whole week,
but from the looks of it,
you can handle it.
everyone i spoke to is very impressed it.
mr green spoke so highly of you and i see why!
we are having a meeting today and i will have to mention how you did.
please keep it up.”

tumblr_mbsxrjMT1v1r23uddo1_500it felt so good to hear that ya’ll.
i haven’t heard something like that in a long time.
i don’t play when it comes to my work ethic and reputation.
i always want to remembered,
in everything i do,
that i gave my 110%.

this new gig also comes with A LOT of benefits.
after probation,
i can get up to 2 weeks of vacation time as well as 30 sick days.
i also get discounts at movies,
broadway shows,
basketball and other sporting events,
cell phones,
and we can even get free stuff from the various clients.
there is also a working cafeteria in the building that has full food service.
i don’t even need to leave to get lunch.
all the wolves i thought were cute walked up to me and spoke.
killed all that nervousness i had with them actually.
although there is one i have my eye on and i think he has his eye on me.
i’ll try not to be ratchet…
i’ll try.

all in all,
i’m happy here and i really like it.
no anxiety spells.
i woke up on time and got to work extra early.
god showed me what i was waiting for.
i’m so happy.
this job makes my last one look awful.
i will say i did learn a lot there that helped me here.
so its not all bad.
i won’t clown the past.
it continues to make me who i am today.
now all i need it some steady mind blowing peen and i’ll be all set.
igc137i’m sure like this job,
the wolf i’ve been waiting for will be just as good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “My First Day Without U”

  1. Yay! A happy fox makes the rest of the pack happy.

    All it took was time.I guess you’re glad you didn’t move to Florida.Plus, Spring time is on the way so it’ll be getting warm.Yay! for us in the cold states.

  2. Soooooooo happy for you J! 😀 #wonthedoit
    Take it day by day, and if foolishness 😈 tries to rise up in your situation tell it to have a fucking stadium full of seats! 🙄 Cause ain’t nobody got time for that! 😎

  3. Awesome and thankfully your boss is not a bitch like in the movie. All in all it sounds cuuuuute!!! And office eye candy is like Christmas in July; working at a university I sure see my share and gets me spry! Whew! Yay for J!!!

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