Straight Wolves Vs The Gay Blogs

6822281-1but i like this.
okay so one of my newer readers,
wrote this in my comments after my ( x rant ).
i wanted to share it with everyone because i thought it was pretty deep…

Interesting convo but I think that many of the responses here comes from either: an exclusively gay, bisexual, or DL perspective but I am not hearing thoughts or reflections about the naturally straight perspective. Please take into consideration that most of these men are very young, not well traveled, well educated, or experienced when it comes to manners of sex, sexuality, or PR much less entertainment industry etiquette when it comes to addressing gay fan/admirers. These men were also the star jock, and ladies men in High school or in college, and having any sexual dealings with other men is completely alien to them and very repugnant.

Trust me when I say many of these men that you label as “attentions whores” who are straight never for an instant thought that their pictures from a photo shoot (unless it is told to them up front) are going to end up being featured on gay websites with men making countless comments about what they want to do with them sexually. In any institution many of the sexual comments that gay men make about straight models on their blogs/sites would be considered to be sexual harassment. So these straight men’s natural and appropriate knee jerk response would be “WTF,” to seeing their pictures posted on gay blogs or on gay porn sites.

Additionally, what is the definition of an attention whore? I mean in theory blogs are created to attract and maintain attention the same as the blogs/social media pages of these so called attention whores. I am not accusing the creator of this blog of being an attention whore but this blog is designed to attract attention by the use of provocative log lines, it features attractive half naked men, and it features countless sexually provocative threads.

Additionally, these guys have agents, managers, friends, girlfriends, and family members who sign up for google alert and they will get alerts of these models being featured on gay sites, gay dating sites such as A4A, and escort sites. Often times these men find themselves defending their sexuality to members of their personal and professional circles. Also being featured on gay or straight sites can be damaging to their careers especially if porn is being featured on those sites. In reading this thread many of it’s comments are typical in terms of an underlining anger and resentment because these men don’t want to be featured on gay sites or don’t want gay followers on their social media page.

My experience has been that many gay sites that feature straight men have a love hate relationship with them, and as soon as the object of their lust say something that sounds remotely homophobic they are put on blast, called a nobody, homophobic, losers. etc. I think that such actions actually reinforce many of the gay stereotypes that gay men lust uncontrollable after straight men.

85586-Xtina-cringe-grabs-hair-The-Vo-6EAv…so i guess we can’t talk about them anymore?
i’m 50/50 on the comment.
personally speaking,
everyone i feature on my site is “straight until proven otherwise”.
i’m trying to put “ratchet jamari” back in his cage when it comes to blogging.
he can be fun and be all the way turnt,
but i actually want to be taken seriously.
shit i’ll scream it to the mountain tops.
i admit it.
now funny enough,
on the flip side,
someone i was speaking with in my twitter DM left this:

Oh and thank you for your blog. Black sensuality isnt celebrated enough. Dont know how deep it is for you but my brothers need to be lifted

thank you! that meant a lot to hear that. i wanted to be different than the usual gay blogs. i wanted to be honest about war i deal with

The “gay” in your blog is triumped by your break down of modern day culture and taboos. You actually have a mind worth investing in.

I’ve been inspired by alot of the things you’ve posted. Got all my musicians in check after stumbling on your blog so thank you

Alot of them have a false sense of what entertainment is. Your blog is a reminder that they as entertainers are in the hands of their fans

No room for homophobia OR mess in R&B. I really got to.see who’s paying attention and who’s buying records from your blog

Ha you and you’re work is definitely the blueprint. It’s not whiny or overwhelming. It makes a sense that transcends sexual orientation

You’re definitely on the right path. People are definitely paying attention

Some blogs can be ratchet,
but are we all lumped in the same category?
are we helping these straight wolves?
or, are we creating drama?
deep down inside,
i think these wolves like the attention.
hell when i put someone one here,
everyone wants to know who the person is.
men and women.
i had to wonder tho…

Are “gay blogs” the enemy?

lowkey: this is why i try to promote the wolf and their goals,
whether they sell herbanut or whatever,
rather than just post pictures.
you know i’m not selfish when it comes to promo.
…and yes.
i can be a little fresh but so what?

33 thoughts on “Straight Wolves Vs The Gay Blogs

  1. The whole issue is not that crucial to me.
    I mean we are referring to people that often
    capitalize on their biggest asset…their looks.
    I see your perspective, but I don’t agree and I’m
    not as sympathetic to their plight.
    They’ll be alright.

    We get it…you’re articulate.

  2. LOL Wow “Thanks for featuring my comments in its own thread.” You are an attention whore and that comment proves it. Jamari he us full of it, dismiss this assclown.” Wow let me see I go to someone’s social media page post comments that go contrary the values or beliefs of either the person who owns the page ( I am not speaking about you Mr. Fox lol), or his fans, and I get dragged, called derogatory names, told that “I cannot change them”, told that “I am hated”, and forcibly asked to leave. Does any of this sound familiar? I guess people who are enlighten and progressive thinkers will probably understand my arguments better than someone with a myopic perspective and limited world view. Again Mr. Fox said at the start of this thread “hell i want to get to the point where people have to beg me to be featured. i want to have so many networks, these wolves will need my help.”He also said ‘i actually want to be taken seriously. I think to be taken serious requires that a person has an open mind, a sense of personal accountability, and respect for all persons.

    I think that Mr. Fox has done an excellent job of creating a forum that is open to all, and I don’t ever recall him berating a poster for making statements contrary to his beliefs. I think looking at the progression of his posts Mr.Fox is growing and evolving as a human being and by doing so it encourages me to evolve as a human being. I think that he constantly encourage his readers to do the same. This is why I think Mr. Fox is a progressive thinker because he is open to the opinions and values of others, and he presents with a high level of self and public accountability. Back to your statement, “Thanks for featuring my comments in its own thread.” You are an attention whore and that comment proves it. Jamari he us full of it, dismiss this assclown.” If you understood anything about proper etiquette you would have understood that I was thanking Mr. Fox because he had paid me a complement when he said “i wanted to share it with everyone because i thought it was pretty deep.” Jesus said “But the things which proceed out of the mouth come forth out of the heart; and they defile the man,” (Matthew 15:18). You my friend have revealed what is hidden in your heart by your words.

  3. Nothing I hate more than gay people who think everybody is gay and I KNOW I’m not the only one. THAT is the reason why there needs to be a definitive line on heterosexuality as mindset, a lifestyle, and a practice (stick with me this is going somewhere). I personally think the comment about straight men not being aware of entertainment etiquette and other things is bullshit. I feel like that person is trying to capitilize on the pseduo-naivety of straight men. AGAIN BS. This men are very much aware of the attention they get and from whom. Especially when it comes to these IG, tumblr, etc. famous people. Unless those men are connected to “gay” media how else would they be aware that they are being featured on these sites? These same men who are unfamiliar with PR etiquette and shit are the same men that, after a few drinks or pulls in an intimate setting, accidentally let another brother perform fellatio and God knows whatelse to them in the “heat of the moment”. Now how many times have we heard that story? Straight is a real thing. Heterosexuality is a real thing. It is not unaware, or naive, or misinformed. It knows what it is and there is no doubt or blurred lines. Unless you’re a stripper. lmao *drops mic*

  4. I can respect both sides of the argument but when you put your pictures on the internet, they no longer belong to you. You can’t force people not to admire your physical attractiveness because of their sexuality….this is very naive of them to parade this sentiment. Respect should be taking into consideration from male admirers, when it comes to Straight identified male instagram dudes (attention whores) But to put your personal life out there through pictures and trying to filter who can view it, defeats the whole purpose of having a public Instagram or any photographic social media account.

    Then you have some who allow obviously homosexual photographers to feature them in modelling campaigns, while taking erotic pictures of them in the process. These dudes who go that route know exactly what their doing but get mad when their shit is exposed to the homosexual blogosphere. You’re using the Gays to market your imagery but get mad when male admirers come at you on social media. How you’re going to socialized and publicized male erotica but argue about being respected from a sexual standpoint??? Bullshit You’re whoring your image out to public via cyberspace so you’re going to get treated like one…..Deal with it.

    I can’t believe I even wrote a paragraph about these irrelevant ass, male instagram, attention whoring niggas.

  5. Listen, I inderstand the issues raised on both side but I agree with what many have already said on here. We should NOT back down in a space uniquely our own. You can’t just come up in here and think that we would back down. Additionally, some of these attention whore want just that; attention. So when we give it to them they fuss? Fuck outta here!

  6. This whole topic will not end in a resolution from both sides of the argument. While I understand the comments on both sides, I just don’t see behaviors changing for either party. The men (will use a general statement here because we really don’t know their sexuality) will continue to post and those who are attracted to them physically/sexually will continue to post sexual comments. I do agree that there needs to be some modicum of respect. I think that lack of respect that black people show each other is reaching a critical mass but that’s another topic for another day. Here’s my final two cents on the topic, if a man claims to be straight on social media keep the comments to yourself. Just like in real life when you see a good looking brother, you don’t go emoting on how you would jump his bones. Well, some of us don’ But I think you get my point…stay off their IG or whatever and admire from a distance…

    A word for the nude and semi-nude posters…Straight male actors/porn stars/ athletes/musicians etc. in the social arena face the same thing. You’re not exempt from the same treatment so if you’re gonna do it, know that you will get some comments that you’re not checking for either from some woman you wouldn’t be interested in and in a lot of cases comments from men. Understand that people are real bold in the comfort of their private bubble. It is indeed the “word” wide web and there are people who are going to check you out that you are not trying to like your “work.”

    1. Thinker, this is our house, a place where we should back down from no one. A lot of us, myself included, see this blog as a place to vent and discuss topics we all can relate to as men who live an alternative lifestyle. With that said, I feel that we can be as sexual as we want involving their pictures. No straight man has the right to come in here, just like we do not comment on their instagrams.

      1. I agree this our house own And ran by Jamari, it’s one thing to be all up in somebody else’s and say provocative things…..but no fucks will be giving on this forum.

  7. Mr. Fox:
    Congratulation on the new job!!! Thanks for featuring my comments in its own thread, and let me say that I am in no way calling for you or for other gay bloggers to quit posting pictures or making comments about straight men. I am calling for however, more responsible behaviors and attitudes when it comes to gay men posting and commenting about the images of straight black men on social media sites, and for them be more understanding when these straight men fail to appreciate them. Some made a comment about being overly analytical and if they were referring to me, I think that my comments was very general and simplistic. My main intention in writing my original post was to encourage critical and objective thinking about black straight men on social media and their often negative reaction to black gay men who admires them.

    I think Mr. Fox that you show a lot of heart in sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in your blog but I am particularly attracted to these statements “so i guess we can’t talk about them anymore?” “but i actually want to be taken seriously.”Having experience in PR, I think that wanting to be taken seriously in the media means that you have to be or appear to be fair and objective not only to your core audience but to a broad audience as well. This requires that you must work diligently to present with a high level of objectivity, and in most this is key to attracting serious main stream sponsors to your site. No I am not accusing you have not being objective professional but I have read on occasion you dragging some of these straight men whom you loved for making homophobic comments.

    Now back to my main point, I think that conventional wisdom dictates that there are always different sides to any perspective. I think that in general many gay men often fail to learn understand that by posting pictures of straight black men on their sites coupled with their making explicit sexual comments about them is an affront to many straight men. Many of these straight men are not naturally wired to except the reality that other men find them sexually attractive and they react accordingly. I think that it is natural and somewhat healthy for these straight men to feel violated for the misuse of their image and about the sexual comments made about them.

    I think that overzealous gay admirers often fail to realize that their public sexual worship of these straight internet males and semi-public male personalities such as college jocks, and models can cause significant problems in their personal and professional lives. Many of these straight internet personalities often wake up one morning to unfounded accusations about their sexual orientation or personal ethics coming from their: wives, girlfriends, coworkers, friends, employers, or family members, because someone stole their identity and posted their pictures to gay dating or escort sites. Additionally their social media page in boxes are constantly flooded with inappropriate comments and pictures from gay men.

    I think of any of you were straight and the victim of daily sexual harassment from gay men that you too many be a little antisocial to gay men too .To many of these guys their heterosexuality is their brands and they are going to fight to maintain that image and I don’t blame them. Again I am not calling for anyone to quit expressing their love for straight men I am just calling for everyone to keep an open mind that there different perspectives to every situation.

    1. I get all that about trying to see their perspective but we don’t live in some utopia.

      This is the internet where people can post and say almost anything they want to. Even a country bumpkin is aware of that.

      I desire no attention from women or men through social media so there are zero provocative pictures of me on the internet. Zero!

      Yes some of these dudes are legitimately posting body progress pics and promoting a product, but those types take precautions like editing out the pelvic region and keeping the content mild.

      From my experience, if their pics floating around gay blogs make their family and friends question their sexuality they probably had doubts to begin with.

      As I said before, everyone knows once you upload anything to the internet it is no longer yours. Your image no longer really belongs to you. It can used to promote products and websites without you even knowing.

      Nothing anyone can do about them not being cultured or mature enough to deal with the sometimes overzealous attention men give them.

      So basically, they put their pic up and I right clicked and saved it and there’s nothing they can do about it. That’s my pic now! Lmao! *shrugs*

      1. I don’t think for an instant that we live in an Utopia society, if so I would not have felt pressed to post my opinions on this site. I again am calling for the possible understanding as to why many straight men tend to react negatively to overzealous gay admirers online. I am not talking about every gay admirers online because most of them are very appropriate and respectful in their comments and with the posting of the images of straight men to their sites. I think that the tumblr site “Hoodsworld” does an excellent job of this. No,I don’t think that if someone is confronted about their sexuality by someone who saw their picture on a gay website is a positive indication that they were suspect to begin with. I think that even the straightest of straightest men’s sexuality will suffer some level of social stigma as a result of their images being featured on a gay escort or dating site. Especially in this “DL” witch hunt era we live in.

    2. “Thanks for featuring my comments in its own thread.” You are an attention whore and that comment proves it. Jamari he us full of it, dismiss this assclown.

      I don’t like this nigga, and that’s the honest truth. Jamari has been blogging for almost five years, and this clown comes on the scene and wants to stir shit up. He’s been lurking in the shadows for a while to know our habits, and that is what pisses me off the most. He knows that this is who we are and he wants us to change. Bottom line is, we don’t care about dudes feelings, and we don’t care about yours. If I want to leave comments which are sexual in nature, I can do that.

  8. That comment is being overly analytical. These men aren’t posting pics of the ridges on their brain on IG…….or the title of their PhD dissertation. They’re posting SEX…..their images are pure SEX…..they’re naked in almost every shot. That’s what you’re selling. Those are the kind of comments you will get. You put the images out there. You posed for them. You posted them.

    Cry me a river.

    If you want to be respected….post a pic of your diploma. Post a pic of you studying (With clothes on). You’ll be respected then. Otherwise. STFU.

    1. Wow STFU lol. Okay why don’t you post your pictures to this site and open it up for comments then? You are correct however that selling sex may be their intention.” and this opens them up to be objectified however in most cases is that they are not selling sex to other men is my argument. What they may be trying to sell to other men is physical fitness if they are a personal trainer or a Nike shirt to other men if they are models.I think also that many of these men don’t mind general comments made about their bodies or physical attractiveness by other men because in general they are exhibitionists, but they want their heterosexuality to be respected. However at times gay men tend to negatively exploit take their images or take their sexual comments overboard. This behavior tends to have a very negative and polarizing effect on the perception of gay men in general as being constantly thirsty for straight men, an argument made by many in the NFL and the NBA.

      Yes I agree with you that there are consequences for posting nude and semi-nude pictures online and many of these men live to regret it. However, I don’t think it justifies the blatant sexual harassment or the exploitation of their image by gay admirers. At the beginning and the ending of the day someone has to be the better person. Finally, when it comes to education a significant amount of these guys do have advance degrees, and have well paying jobs, however they also have nice bodies too and they have the right to show them free of harassment by some gay men.

      1. Sit down bro. We are not giving in. These models are professionals right? Shouldn’t they be taking the higher road? Oh that’s right, instagram models have yet to grasp the concepts of what it takes to be professional.

        I am going to start acting a fool now, just for the hell of it. I want to piss you off. Bring in the MEAT truck Jamari lol. I wanna see some naked men and some booty lol. Post IFYOUASKMETO’s pics if you find any of him. I heard he’s hella bad. 😛

  9. I don’t think A4A profiles come up on Google. Everytime I google a screenname of someone from A4A I come up empty.

    At the end of the day if you put your pic out in the public domain it’s out there to be done with as folks please.

    1. No maybe not A4A but if you use google image search many of pictures featured on this site will pop up with results to several gay tumblr pages, gay escorts ads, and dating sites and to this site.

  10. I have to add this too. No one in this comment section is going to go on anyone’s instagram and leave thirsty comments on their page, that’s not who we are. It ain’t nobody laying up in their beds fantasizing about these dudes either. I damn sure ain’t. I look at them and move on. I could care less about them. I could have them if I wanted anyway. I’m dangerous and not just because I look good. I feed off of messing with people’s minds and confusing them emotionally and mentally. They will be with their girlfriends and thinking about me.

    By coming up in here, you are disrespecting us. This our territory, and we ain’t backing down from nobody. If we dont invade your space, dont invade ours. Tell them instagram model ass niggas to stay out of here.

    I ended up writing paragraphs anyway lol. Oh well lol.

    1. You now this how? Perhaps you can speak for yourself, but you cannot speak for everyone. I have read many comments on this site about how people are going to bust a nut to some of these straight models pictures or some other sexual comments. I could cut and paste some of them here to support but I am not here for that. I just wanted to say that there are other perspectives to consider when negatively commenting about straight models reacting negatively to being featured on gay sites.

      1. Get a sense of humor, for your sake and ours. They are playing about busting nuts to these guys, be for real my dude. No one is beating their neat to these clowns, and if they were, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about. To be honest, no one gives a fuck about what you are saying, so you can quit defending these guys. They are non factors in my everyday life, and they are very small in the eyes of the world. They are instagram models looking for a come up, and should appreciate their admirers.

        Like I said, you don’t who is gay, and I’ m speaking from experience. I used to dislike gay people as a kid, but years later I ended up liking guys. Oh, and not to mention how many of these “straight” men have harassed me for sex and other favors. I’m talking about the jocks, the fellow ladies men, and the thugs. You do not know what people do in their personal lives. Stop speaking for them. *grabs a chair* Have a seat.

  11. TRUTH left a good ass comment about them in your other post yesterday.TAJAN, MAN, and everybody else have already said what I wanted to say.

    I don’t get why do these dudes get so pissy when they’re using sex to promote their product.If you don’t wanna be looked at in a sexual way then put on a shirt.That would be like a chick wiping Peanut Butter all over her tits to promote Jif and then getting mad when every comment is about how good her tits look.

  12. Y’all are writing paragraphs to respond to this, but I don’t have time for the nonsense, I just don’t. These people are non factors to me. Everyone in this comment section is grown, and we can say what we please. If you do not like what is posted, click the red X in the corner.

    Women love me, which makes me some what of a ladies man, and I still like men. I just made a point. You don’t know who’s down huh?

  13. Man I dont know how to take this comment. It is 2014 and it has to be a really naive man who takes shirtless pics with their phone and post them on the internet you know that thing they call the WORLD WIDE WEB, really? Who in this day and age don’t know they are being admired by both sexes. If you cant stand the heat in the kitchen throw away your IPhone and stop posting pics, most of these dudes are too big to be professional male models and the fitness market is virtually none existent and over saturated with the advent of the internet with Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, most of these dudes we label “Attention Whores” are taking selfies with their phones, not professional model grade pics, and they are self labeling themselves as fitness guru’s by virtues of likes on social media. Of course being anonymous on the internet, all decorum in thrown out the window when gay men admire some of these str8 dudes with their thirst. Just like all decorum is thrown out the window when the same str8 dude call gay dudes faggots and miss me with that gay shit. See it works both ways, its like gay people are supposed to suppress their natural desires to appease the str8 dudes who willingly took pics and posted them on the internet or sent them to some thirsty ass female who then sent them out for the world to see, but I guess that is ok. Its a cold world and I am all out of fucks to give when attention whores get in their feelings. We live in an attention obsessed world where everyone wants to be seen and wants to be famous for nothing other than how well they look, so suck it up and wipe up the tears and stop acting like little girls because some man told you, you were hot.

    1. ^^^^^^ Its a cold world and I am all out of fucks to give when attention whores get in their feelings. We live in an attention obsessed world where everyone wants to be seen and wants to be famous for nothing other than how well they look, so suck it up and wipe up the tears and stop acting like little girls because some man told you, you were hot.

      slayed my soul

    2. You are referring to them as “attention whores” can be that is as derogatory as a straight man calling a gay man a F*G. I have traveled much of the world and there are many very physically attractive people who don’t think that they can be sexually admired by the opposite sex much less those of the same sex. I think that straight men, women, or gay men and women have the right to post whatever pictures they want to online and be free of sexual harassment or the misuse of their pictures. I agree most of them don’t react in the most emotionally intelligent way, however it is their right to react in whatever way they want to to unwanted attention.

      Many of these guys say very clearly on this social media pages that “they are straight or for women only.” I recall my online dating phase years ago when I use to posts ads on many black dating sites and I would clearly say that I am not into “whites sexually”. However, daily I would have a mail box full of unwanted sexual comments and propositions from whites. No matter how many times I would reiterate it in my profile that I am not sexually attracted to whites and please do not email me with sexual comments, they would still persist. I would block most of them, delete their emails, but after awhile I would put them on blast. Sound familiar? Their response would be to call me a racist, a queen, and use racial slurs. Then there was the stealing of my pictures which ended on tons of gay dating and escort sites. Although I am a pretty well rounded person, I never for an instant thought that my pictures would be stolen nor did I think that I would be subjected to sexual harassment.

  14. wait so its COOL to be featured over in the other neighborhoods with #MCM, Essence and the YES GAWDS? IG makes these dudes Attention Whores since they are all GerbalLife reps, trainers, wanna be models, etc.

  15. This blog IS different from other blogs, yes you show good looking men and yes there is a sexual vibe to some of the post on here but with that said there is a level of respect on this blog that is attached to every post. I can’t remember a time you posted a MEAT post and been offensive in how handsome the guy is. I understand where the comment in the post above is coming from but I don’t feel like that excuses anyone to be disrespectful to any group.

    Besides we have had countless men on the media say something homophobic and then had to do damage control. That’s like lesson to learn from right there on how not to handle things. Even though this blog has gay content I consider it a life blog, you have post on here raging from all sorts of matters.

    For you to even take time to ponder on the comment in the above post shows you’re above the pace on any other blog this would have been passed right on by.

  16. I look at this two ways. Some gays can be pushy with their sexual comments. I’ve witnessed it myself. Things like that give us a bad name and perpetuates the stereotype that we are all oversexed. Just last night I walked into the gas station I frequent many times a week and had my regular, friendly exchange with the cashier, a young man who is gay. He made a pass at me that was very inappropriate. It made me feel uncomfortable and I’m gay! So I understand why some of these straight men get so angry. For me it is a matter of simple respect. HOWEVER, as Jamari has said often before, when you put erotic pictures of yourself, half naked on the internet, you must be prepared to deal with whatever attention comes at you. If you are not prepared to deal with that, get a 9-5 job. I mean, these guys cannot be completely stupid. I have many female friends and they never talk to me about watching porn or buying magazines to get off on. On the other hand, I don’t have a male friend who doesn’t look at erotic pictures of women. Point is, the erotic modeling industry is driven by men, gay and straight. These overzealous gays making these comments toward straight models need to just calm down, and these borderline homophobic, straight “models” need to grow up and understand the industry that they claim to be apart of.

    1. ^hmmm good comment sam!
      brad pitt got shirtless when he was modeling and the white gays ate him he loved his gay fans.
      im not saying everyone should be like brad pitt,
      but he was tolerant and look where he is.
      they can’t escape a gay audience.

      1. True Brad Pitt is very open and appreciative to his gay fans I mean his baby momma is openly bisexual. However, Brad Pitt makes it known that he is straight. His successful film career is greatly caused by making films that appealed to women. I think that it is a misnomer that accepting gay fans in the entertainment industry is critical to the success of an individual or that the rejection of gay fans will cause career suicide. Denzel is a notorious homophobe and look at his career or Eddie Murphy at the height of his fame. Clint Eastwood is another example or many of the homophobic rappers who also made millions at the height of their fame sprouting homophobic lyrics. I with this comment am retiring from posting any more comments about this topic, because I think I have said all I can say about this topic. Thanks again Mr.Fox for allowing me to comment in your great forum, and I just hope that my comments help to stir some critical thinking, and more objectivity when it comes to straight men and social media.

  17. no way you gonna be taking side shots of how big your ass is, for women. At the end of the day any press is good press so stfu. J keep on posting once you make yourself a public eyesore people going to watch and comment so enjoy your 1 second of fame.

    1. ^hell i want to get to the point where people have to beg me to be featured.
      i want to have so many networks,
      these wolves will need my help.
      i def won’t be at the bottom forever.

    2. I Know that I said I would end my comments but I felt to respond to this post .Nope any press is always good press look at Govern Chris Christie lol. Many of these men won’t benefit by comments made by gay men. A couple of years ago I referred a friend of mine who is straight to a photographer to take pictures for his head shots, because he wanted to get into acting. If any of you know anything about head shots usually a photographers will take dozen of pictures and it is up to the actor, and his agent to pick the picture that will make an appropriate head shot. When I saw the disks with my friend’s head shot pictures he had several pictures that were shirtless, and I asked him why would he take shirtless pictures for a head shot?

      I could understand if he was shooting for a comp card. He told me that the ” photographer told him to take his shirt off so he could take his picture.” I told my friend that he was probably sexually exploited by the photographer and to watch out for it in the future. The truth is that in many cases straight models hell most models will defer to the wisdom of the photographer and take sexually suggestive or homoerotic pictures. This happen to Kobe Bryant, and to 50 Cent a few years back and we have all seen these pics.

      So I think that taking a side ass shot is not an indication that the model is taking the picture with other men in mind. In many cases it is just poor judgement or a failed experiment.

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