Mario Shows Us What His Underwear Looks Like

Mario-in-boxers-on-Instagramfirst ( x trey songz | 2 ).
now mario.
this is one competition i can get with.
btw these shots are for vixens only

85586-Xtina-cringe-grabs-hair-The-Vo-6EAv…so don’t look.

lowkey: new music mario?
when this happening?

visit mario on his social: instagram | twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Mario Shows Us What His Underwear Looks Like”

  1. So sorry Str8 men for being one of the thirsty gays, but damn Mario you make me want to be more than a friend to you. Had a homeboy who was lucky enough to see him in the gym in LA a couple of years ago and said he looks drop dead gorgeous in person. P.S. Of course he wasnt doing this for attention or for any male fans, women only please, so foxhole be nice and respectful because he is str8 dammit!

  2. and not to mention that Mario has ass ass ass (in my big sean voice) i love Mario vocally i feel he’s underrated and would slay Trey on the mic, just saying but his body…im sorry Mario got my vote he has that grown man sex appeal and i like my wolves thick lol

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