Nicki Minaj Bag Carrier Got Her All Over His Body

scaffin1not the same effect as the mario picture.
so ya’ll know sb,
nicki minaj’s dry cleaner picker upper manager/boyfriend.
well from the looks of it,
he got her all over his damn body.
well he just got her face tatted on his chest.
he also got this one of her on his arm a while back…

IMG_0468…yay show and tell!
okay cool!
so now lets see the ones she has of him!
*bounces in chair with smile on face*
i’m waiting…

lowkey: i never did like the idea of a tatt of the person you’re fuckin.
i mean what happens when you break up and hate the bastard?
like loathe their existence?
every time you look in the mirror,
you gonna say:

“ugh this fuckin ignorant bitch”

…but hey,
if he likes it,

then i loves it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Bag Carrier Got Her All Over His Body”

  1. He reminds me of some around the way boys.I don’t like portrait tats that much.People should stick to tatting names and birthdays.Portrait tats never look as good as the real pic.

    Low-key, I hope this wolf don’t find out about us gays posting about him.He’d straight up call us fags with no remorse.I’m pretty sure he’s the one that cussed out Cher and pushed a maid.That’s a hood wolf.

  2. tats aside he has a nice body and he’s actually cut BUT his personality makes him ugly…PASS. if i had sex with him i would have to put some tape over his mouth while he gave me some dick lol ^just sayin*

  3. Nothing annoys the hell out of me more then a in-cohesive mess that tattoos just anything on their body. Bet money every time he needs a new toy she make him do this after asking her permission.

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