I Guess Men Now See What Women Have To Deal With

tumblr_lxhog9mEiv1qdau9mo1_500who knew men would be the new “women” in 2014.
can’t even get naked without being gawked at.
aww poor baby.
the following shit here tho…
this shit really burns my biscuits...

so i hate when i hear wolves,
who are still at the bottom,
having an opinion on who can/can’t look at their pictures on social media.
yet these same wolves are trying to sell a product to society.
the product being their bodies.
one of my readers,
left a comment about ( x ernst ) saying:

“he may not be happy being featured on this blog.”

he better be.
this ain’t no ratchet 2 cent blog and neither is the owner.
first and foremost,
MANY people read my site on the daily so don’t even play yourself.
i have potential big deals who lurk in the shadows who like my work.
those same ones may hit him up on the sly just to work with him.
so getting a few followers on instagram,
and a couple thousand likes on a picture,
doesn’t mean you have “made it”.
you’re still a NOBODY in the grand scheme of life.

now this is when i think start to think these fine fellas are complete dumb asses.

they claim they’re all models.
well a model’s job is to sell clothes.
when a model walks down a runway,
because i hope they aren’t trying to achieve magazine spreads in vibe magazine,
they’re actually a walking coat rack.
one of the reasons they are usually tall and slim.
big bodies and muscles is not a model make for a real fashion agency.
now how are these same wolves selling clothes when they usually have no clothes on?
like i said,
real models are selling CLOTHES.
now if you’re a FITNESS MODEL,
you’re selling your procedure on how to achieve that body.
your main target market would be men,
so again:
many of them don’t have the personalities to be actors.
 instagram video is not a tv show/movie.
no one cares if you made 25 or so people laugh in ya comments.
a joke here and there doesn’t mean you’ll be casted in a steven spielberg movie.
shiiiiiidddddd maybe tyler perry will give you that work

never mind.
i personally wouldn’t want to see them on a tv screen fuckin’ up lines.
they’re purpose would be eye candy.
less talk; more meat.

kim kardashain,
erica mena,
cyn santana,
and the video vixens sell their bodies to men.
they can get naked and host a club for a good 20-80 stacks.
guess who is coming to see them?
men and women.
i haven’t heard a instagram male whore YET host a club besides a rapper or baller wolf.
the rapper who is selling his TALENT and likely to perform.
the baller wolf who usually hosts during some holiday weekend to attract hoes/wannabes to the club.
again the club is getting the profit,
while the featured host the bait for people to come out to spend money.

and i hate to break it to them,
but a majority of women tend to think they’re gay or “wouldn’t be surprised in pussy”.
if you go to any female dominated message board,
i’ve seen them “nay” and “ew he looks gay” to wolves ive featured here.
sure they may still fuck you for bragging rights,
but that don’t mean they will actually BUY what you selling.
don’t start talkin that shit because in the entertainment/fashion industry,
the one i WORK IN,
it’s crawling with gay men.
casting agents.
we run that town.
more than likely,
the “big deals” you see on tv now where put there by gay men.
we have an eye on what looks good and may/would appeal to a broader market.
hence why i do what i do.
you can be 100% STRAIGHT in that world,
but don’t kill ya career with your insecurities and that big ass mouth.
if you don’t like the attention then put some clothes on,
GET A 9-5,
and pleasssssssse stop pitching that herbalife while naked.
talmbout “join my team”.
fuck outta here.
try selling that shit with a shirt on.
i’ll wait.
gays come with money and endless support if we like you.
these men are obviously not about that money if they’re picky about who looks at them.
some of these attention whores out here fuckin men for some change.

lowkey: yes there are uncouth hoodrats who dominate social media.
man or woman.
me and the foxhole ain’t one of them.
get it correct and quick.

16 thoughts on “I Guess Men Now See What Women Have To Deal With

  1. Hi guys my first comment. I’ve been looking for a cool place where I can connect with others serious minded brothers and just express myself. Love your site Jamari.

    With the whole gay run things…when Nene made those disparaging remarks at Brandon, Kenya’s friend I wasn’t happy, I had to do something about it.
    I part own a popular celebrity fashion website and we decided with my editors we would no longer publish anything about Nene Leakes. And trust me my site is read and followed by top fashion Industry people in the business. She’s not fashion savy et all but putting her on there give her that ‘I Have Arrive’ moment she always speaks so highly off.

    Our people don’t realize it is us who bring them up and we can also bring them down. And black stars on TV with marginal success don’t get it when you need to stop with the bashing. Someone needs to really bring Nene in line. When those white gays in the offices sign off her she can forgot it.

    1. Interesting convo but I think that many of the responses here comes from either: an exclusively gay, bisexual, or DL perspective but I am not hearing thoughts or reflections about the naturally straight perspective. Please take into consideration that most of these men are very young, not well traveled, well educated, or experienced when it comes to manners of sex, sexuality, or PR much less entertainment industry etiquette when it comes to addressing gay fan/admirers. These men were also the star jock, and ladies men in High school or in college, and having any sexual dealings with other men is completely alien to them and very repugnant.

      Trust me when I say many of these men that you label as “attentions whores” who are straight never for an instant thought that their pictures from a photo shoot (unless it is told to them up front) are going to end up being featured on gay websites with men making countless comments about what they want to do with them sexually. In any institution many of the sexual comments that gay men make about straight models on their blogs/sites would be considered to be sexual harassment. So these straight men’s natural and appropriate knee jerk response would be “WTF,” to seeing their pictures posted on gay blogs or on gay porn sites.

      Additionally, what is the definition of an attention whore? I mean in theory blogs are created to attract and maintain attention the same as the blogs/social media pages of these so called attention whores. I am not accusing the creator of this blog of being an attention whore but this blog is designed to attract attention by the use of provocative log lines, it features attractive half naked men, and it features countless sexually provocative threads.

      Additionally, these guys have agents, managers, friends, girlfriends, and family members who sign up for google alert and they will get alerts of these models being featured on gay sites, gay dating sites such as A4A, and escort sites. Often times these men find themselves defending their sexuality to members of their personal and professional circles. Also being featured on gay or straight sites can be damaging to their careers especially if porn is being featured on those sites. In reading this thread many of it’s comments are typical in terms of an underlining anger and resentment because these men don’t want to be featured on gay sites or don’t want gay followers on their social media page.

      My experience has been that many gay sites that feature straight men have a love hate relationship with them, and as soon as the object of their lust say something that sounds remotely homophobic they are put on blast, called a nobody, homophobic, losers. etc. I think that such actions actually reinforce many of the gay stereotypes that gay men lust uncontrollable after straight men.

  2. Many of the attention whores who ironically have been featured on the foxhole have had to learn the hard way about messing with “The Gays” admittedly gay men can be thirsty AF, but attention whores are just as thirsty. As much as I love a man with abs and no shirt pics, I have actually unfollowed some attention whores on various media for being douchebags concerning their male fans. This one popular Instagram attention whore got his ass handed to him by a female follower just the other day, and he actually took the picture down, after she clowned his ass. I was crying laughing at that one. This dude is now so humble and accepting of everyone, he learned real quick who his real fans were. Attention whores can scream and shout all they want but anyone who takes semi nude pics is begging for any type of attention and they are not spending that much time in the gym just to impress their one girlfriend. When you start working out and your body changes, you love the attention whether gay or str8 no matter what you say. Hopefully this Ernst dude was just having a issue with a particular person and not trying to shade all men. You never know who may be looking at you or who will invest in you. Sometimes str8 Blackmen miss out on many opportunities wearing their straightness like a badge of honor, the last time I check when you are str8, you will not turn gay, getting only attention from gay men. Its funny how many white male celebs with large gay male followings embrace it, and capitalize off of it; realizing that all money is green. Sadly, many brothers are so small minded and worried about what other brothers are saying about them that they miss out because God forbid someone would think they are gay.

    1. It’s crazy when people act thirsty but warranting the fact you have someone take naked pictures of u and call it modeling…but get upset when people’s acknowledgement of you is Sexual. My thing is you’re taking half naked ass erotica pictures but you want people to respect you like Obama. It was my DL hommie who followed so he couldn’t argue the whole he looks Gay argument. It was simply a straight looking dude who thought he was interesting and followed him on instagram. Nothing was said towards him, I find myself not even looking at dudes from an attractive standpoint when their straight or undetectable DLs…..Why? because of the disgusting, homophobic things they say about Sam Sex loving or Bisexual Men. We are a step above Child Molesters and Pedophiles in their minds. I’m on that Fuck a Baller or Instagram fitness model nigga shit. LOL

  3. Yeah it blew my mine considering the fact that the photographer who took and edited his photos was probably gay….not to mention this Foto119 photography agency seems to market largely towards Gay men.

    I checked out the photos of this agency and they were all homoerotic, nothing a female would be overly aroused by. I was disappointed by it because how he pretty much moderates who can follow him and dismisses those whom he don’t want to look at his shit.

    Funny its public but I guess you can look but not follow from his narrow minded perspective. I unfollowed his block headed ass because of this incident, I refused to support people like this…..also I’ve seen regular pictures of him without the Photoshop and editing and he’s regular as fuck and weird looking. He has a brother that’s more attractive in my opinion.

    I just had to let you know the real scoop on this guy, his real name is Ernst Ambroise or some shit like that.

  4. Who are we, what we run THE WORLD!!!! “In my Beyonce voice”
    Who run the world (Gays)

  5. So true. Always baffles me when these guys are literally giving SEX in their instagram pics….and get mad when ppl are “disrespectful.” If someone makes a sexual comment about your sexual pic what exactly are you complaining about fool? You post a sexual pic to your PUBLIC instagram and get mad when a PUBLIC blog has sexual comments about your PUBLIC pics…..Get a life.

    You’re not famous. Likes and followers do not equal checks, and selling Herbalife is not the come up.

    Beauty fades. One day you will get old, an injury can keep you out the gym. What will you have left? It’s sad really. These guys live in the NOW, with no plan for tomorrow. Ask all these former athletes and models how things are going, once they get kicked out the league, and their modeling contract isn’t renewed…..It’s rough out there.

    Read a book.

  6. You tell em bruh, we run the world. We are in their presence every day, and we are helping them excel their careers. We style them, take their photos, and some of us are even their managers. Yea, we are watching them when their backs are turned. Basically, we are lusting after them and they just have to deal with it. Yea…we be watching.

    Just the other day, I was talking to one of my roommates boys, and we were smiling in each others faces snd shit. When he walked away from me, his sweats were hanging halfway off his ass, and I was just standing there staring at that shit in awe. We are that close to straight men and they dont even know it. I’m an ass bandit, you better hide it cause I wanna slide inside it.

  7. Tell em.

    I remember a few years ago, there was a chick on America;s Next Top Model that made comments about not liking gays.Tyra and every other person informed her that the fashion industry is ran by gays so she should either get with it or get lost.Of course she backtracked and claimed “I have gay friends” like they all say.

    I also remember on Tyra’s talk show , they had to inform a man who posed for Play girl that 97% of the subscribers are gay men.He claimed he didn’t care who was looking at it but you could see the disappointment on his face.

    People need to realize that just because a guy is gay, does not mean he will instantly be attracted to you unless… you’re selling sex in your pics.Straight dudes do the same to women that have ass and boob shots.They harass them and then claim the woman is teasing or should deal with the fact that she gets male attention because her ass and tits are out.Well, same to you too fellas.

    1. ^Totally feeling that last comment because it is soooo true!! Why do all guys think that someone who is openly gay (or even the DL brothas) wants them?! It is so far from the truth. Most gay/bi men have standards that must be met. For some it’s a pretty face, a great physique, race, height, or a combination of those factors. And it’s always the butt ugly ones talking about they don’t want someone looking at them! LMAO

      1. ^or the ones who are fighting their gay side heavy.
        hell maybe the ones who are scared their “gay ways” will be exposed.
        thats not my problem.
        so they thought they would become a “big deal” and the mud wouldn’t start flying????

      2. I recently had a straight friend tell me that he thinks are other friend is gay and he suspects that he has a crush on him.I’m like “dude, you are not all that.”

        It’s the same for them as it is for us.They don’t wanna fuck every woman they see but they would probably fuck her if she offered because pussy is pussy and some men don’t have any standards or morals for what they stick their dick into.

        They really do think we want every single one of them.I’m probably the only gay dude that doesn’t have a straight man fetish.

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