On Saturdays, We Wear “Happy”

largei haven’t been this happy in a long time.
so before i get into the orientation,
i have to give a HUGE THANK YOU for every last comment everyone left.
when i woke up today and saw all the encouragement from everyone,
i was blown away.
the universe is showing me how blessed i am.
i am blessed to have such great people who support me.
again: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
tumblr_mo7s1iDMMn1qcm4ijo1_500-1now lets talk orientation

first of all,
i did not sleep AT ALL last night.
i was tossing and turning.
i looked at the clock and it was 330am.
bright eyed; bushy tailed.
all kinds of vex.
woke up at 830am and got dressed.
this is when the nervous stomach kicked in.
threw up my eggs.
all kinds of vex.
i have anxiety issues that plague me when i get anxious.
i still fought my way downtown tho.
nothing was stopping me today.
so buck up jamari…

ibpCbzdXPgKs8K…and lets do this.
the orientation was at a nice hotel downtown.
when i was getting in the elevator,
four FINE wolves were about to get on.
different flavors.
i had a feeling they were going where i was.
it could have been my ears,
but when i got on the elevator with them,
one looked right at me and i heard him say:

“oh yes.”

“oh yes” to you too boo.
we all arrived in the meeting room,
which was pretty spacious.
it was catered with different kinds of snacks as well.
i didn’t even want to look at food since my stomach was acting weird.
i found a seat on one side of the room and sat down.
all the wolves sat with each other on the next side.
they all seemed to know one another.
i felt a little out of place,
but i tried to look approachable even tho i am pretty shy in new surroundings at first.
the older white bosses introduced themselves to me.
they said mr. green spoke very highly of me and was really excited to introduce me.
i felt a ton of pressure on my shoulders,
it felt good to know this and i will make it my effort not to let him down.

12554668655_b131e15363_omr. green had me stand up and introduce myself.
like in school.
all eyes were on me.
i was so nervous,
but once i broke the ice,
suddenly my anxiety vanished.
as the session went on.
this happened:



from the dark skinned wolf who came in late with the deep voice behind me,
the tall spanish “he looks like a pre-baller wolf hoodsworld featured” lookalike,
the one who i thought i heard what i think i heard,
and the other spanish wolf with the nice lips and muscles

ugly_cryi have to remember not to even LOOK in their direction.
all in all,
this company is a REALLY big deal.
the benefits are so much better than my last job.
my new gig definitely treats its employees well.
it made me wonder if everything was ultimately leading up to me getting this job?
everything was so hard and difficult,
but in those moments,
did i learn what i was supposed to learn?

as i was coming home with sleep trying to lay siege,
i had this song on repeat:

i definitely am.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “On Saturdays, We Wear “Happy””

  1. I’m so happy for you man! Just concentrate on what you gotta do! As it was with this job, your wolf will come soon enough.

  2. Once again congratulations! Just work hard and keep your head down during the probation. Avoid office drama — get to know people one on one and don’t let coworkers tell you what to think about others. Avoid the water cooler gossip. I guarantee you will be 50 percent happier on your job. Now enough advice from an old man. Just enjoy yourself and relax, please. Life really is good.

    P.S. And like The Man said have your ass up in church tomorrow thanking God.

    1. ^thank you for the advice immanuel!
      i learned so much for my last job.
      i’ll keep my eyes on the prize with this one.
      i’ll be friendly,
      but i don’t need to make friends and tell them my life story.
      this environment seems different tho.
      we’ll see next week.

  3. Good that your getting a job with benefits. Fox is thinking right; I really hope this is the job for you just like I know that you will be the fox for the job. Hard work and positivity goes a long way, really happy for you! Good luck and show em what you got.

  4. I’m really happy for you.Looks like we broke a record for how many comments one of your entries received.We almost got 100.

    You puke like it ain’t shit because I’d feel terrible after puking.I hate the taste it leaves in my throat.

    1. I believe the 100 record was broken back when we were discussing Kerry and that damn Peanut. Out of all the posts, we had to break the record talking about him. DAMN.

      1. Now that I think about it, I think I do remember that reaching to about 96 or more comments.Damn we was going in on nutpea.

  5. so happy to hear this, jamari!

    this is a legitimately big deal, don’t be breaking no rules 🙂 wolves who think you’re hot, they’re everywhere. great jobs with good benefits? not so much.

    and don’t forget to pay it forward 🙂

  6. Glad that went well man. I support you and I wish you the best.

    Oh, and carry your ass to church tomorrow. Yep I said it lol.

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