Where A Boy Becomes A Baller Wolf

NFL_Scouting_Combine_2014_Logoyou know what time it is???
it’s nfl combine time!!!
little pre baller wolves try to become big time baller wolves.
it’s also where groupies and the foxhole start marking off their “to do” lists.

margot-robbie-gif-15i know mine is sitting in a nice evernote.
so listen…
i’m pretty tired tonight.
like i can’t even keep my eyes open.
i’ll also be all the way real with you.
my cable is off so i can’t even watch the meat in real time.
if you see any pre baller wolves that need some “foxhole love”,
lets let some names/socials in this joint.
you know i’m always interested in the new meat on the scene.margot-robbie-gif-22
x go here to see your potential #1 draft pick

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Where A Boy Becomes A Baller Wolf”

  1. You know I am watching it on my DVR. I thought I put together a list of some I thought stood out. I am sending you the intel now.

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