And Then There Was Ernst

tumblr_n14m7qWWGz1qbj5iio1_500…and i was in love/lust.
foto119 debuted one of their newest models,
ernst is lookin like my new “lust ting for 2014”

tumblr_mxzbfbpg3a1qm88uwo1_500-1ernst was born and raised in jerz,
but he currently resides in mia.
he is also a scorpio.
you know i luhhhhh me some scorps.
i may have to let jj james go.
*looks to the right*
okay no.
ersnt is lookin like a nice summer time joint tho.
thank you foto119 for always reminding me why i love muscular wolves.

lowkey: i need to become friends with a photographer.

photos courtesy of: foto119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “And Then There Was Ernst”

  1. I followed him on instagram he actually followed back some of his Gay admirers LOL seems like a down to earth cool straight Kat.

    1. Noooooooo. I’m crushed now bro. I need a box of Kleenex. *cries tears of sadness*

      Naw, forget that. I still have hope. Women love me, and I damn sure ain’t straight. Keep hope alive until its comfired guys lol.

    2. Yeah Straight!!! that he is because my homeboy followed him on instagram and he deleted that shit….at first he thought something was wrong with instagram but other people he followed showed up in his following list except his. he followed him again and dude just straight up blocked his ass Lmao. he let other people stay as his follow list grew however. I’m thinking he going to be annoyed by Jamari featuring him on his blog if someone alerts him.

  2. DAAAAMMMMNNN!!!!! He can get this wood. Did you catch the bulge between his legs? I did. Dude is holding a concealed weapon in his draws. I’m tryin to find out.

  3. Now I can get into this one. He’s very sexy and that arm tatt is everything. I appreciate a good arm tatt. I’ll take him to go.

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