Free Speech Doesn’t Mean To Be An Asshole

b3c5481aae82ef2f8b461cf785e4673bwhen you come in my foxhole,
you know i’m going to give you my real objective opinion.
free speech is everywhere round these parts.
if i see something i like that interests me…

best believe,
i will say what needs to be said.
in my realm of “nofuckstogive”-ness,
i try to be considerate of what i type and how i treat people.
look i won’t even lie to you,
the first thought that usually comes to my mind can be pretty fuckin’ ratchet.
especially when it comes to good looking wolves.
in some instances,
it can also be pretty insulting if i have to look at you like a doofus.
god has worked on me these last few years.
working in corporate america,
my biggest lessons was working around “big deals”,
belligerent clients,
and being in/around snazzy work environments.
in the real world,
you need to be mindful of what comes out your mouth.
hell in some cases,
what goes in as well.

devourmost people these days act like they never had no home training.
like they was raised in the damn jungle book.
hell even mowgli learned how to act from a dancing bear.
i knew this chick who you could tell,
whatever came to her mind about you,
flew out her mouth in a heartbeat.
i witnessed her being a bully and not realizing it,
especially to people she deemed as weak.
well she learned i wasn’t “the one” one eventful day couple years ago.
she decided to ask me if i was gay in front of a ton of people.
i could tell she was trying to punk me to get a reaction,
as well as put me on the spot.
she thought i was gonna just back down.
well all eyes was on me for my response.
when i tell you i went clean off on that fuckin’ bitch?
i remember her eyes opening wide as i verbally assaulted her entire life.

i don’t give a fuck who you think you are,
what reputation you have,
or how tough you may think you are.
don’t disrespect me especially when i’m respectful to you.
wtf you think this is?
i have no problem saying what i said behind ya back to ya face.
i’m not with that shady two faced backstabbing shit.
you hurt my feelings; i’m hurting yours.
my mouth is reckless and when i’m in that mode,
EVERYTHING flies out.

tumblr_mx5xgyV60E1rskga0o1_500she tried to play herself by “ignoring” me.
little did she know i’ve mastered the “cold shoulder”.
she ultimately apologized and i had to tell her,
you can’t go around doing shit like that.
after getting to know her,
i realized she was an unhappy person who learned to use her mouth as a weapon.
she was a “bully” when she was a kid and it carried over into adulthood.
she wasn’t all that tough either.
something in her past hurt her and caused her to put a “tough facade” on.
she never played herself with me again.
nowadays people think because that have 140 characters to “say what you’re thinking”.
they use it to be ignorant,
to hurt,
and out people just for the hell of it because they are behind a screen.
clearly it shows these people never been “nowhere”.
“filter” and “turn it down” is self taught when trying to get anywhere in life.
you could silently burn many bridges when you think you being “real”.
i’m not saying be “boring”,
but be “mindful” of how you come off.
its getting really played out to be rude these.
everyone is doing it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Free Speech Doesn’t Mean To Be An Asshole”

  1. Right! I’m really tired of people thinking being rude means being “honest”.
    That “It’s just my opinion, though” shit will get you cussed out and embarrassed.
    When did people start thinking freedom of speech meant that their words won’t come with a side of criticism?
    Goofy asses.

  2. I had somewhat the same situation when my female “friend” was shouting out loud “OMG I knew you were GAAAY!!!” I didn’t say anything about being gay and everyone in the class were looking at me, and this one tough blk boy was saying “I knew he was a fucking queer and this and that.” which piss me off with her and him. But guess what? My ex friend “was” a lesbian but decide to be str8 because her ex-gf broke her heart. And when I was in the mall and saw that tough blk boy sashaying in the mall wearing this baby blue sweatsuit or something with my mouth drop to the floor and rumours were flying about him and this guy sleeping with each other. Thank you, Karma.

  3. I know what you mean.Especially about the “people acting like they have no home training.”I remember a few years ago, I was at this place where Black women were discussing natural hair and this one chick kept going on and on about Black people’s hair being out-dated.She kept saying I prefer straight hair because blah blah blah.When they tried to tell her that they didn’t wanna hear it, she started saying something like “Well I thought this was about opinions and if y’all can’t handle that then blah blah blah.”What she didn’t realize was, yes, it was about opinions but the me and the other women could tell that this hater was being spiteful and set out to be mean purposely because she knew her insults would get under our skin.

    There’s a difference between using your freedom of speech to voice a legitimate concern and using your freedom of speech to be a douche-bag.You can tell the difference between the two because the douche-bags always say “I thought this was a country where we had freedom of speech.”Republicans always say that shit.They loved the Duck Dynasty man for using his freedom of speech but they blackballed the Dixie Chicks for using theirs.

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