the missing piece that is foto119

oh mark…
a good fox always lurks in the background.
every morning,
i check in on my fav attentionistos and other igs.
you never know where there is a story.
sometimes you’ll miss a damn good ig story.
so i go to the ig of “foto119” this morning and…
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Marcus Wants Us To Go Down Into His Sweats

some wolves have a subtle sex appeal.
they don’t have to do too much.
well that’s until they open their mouthes and ruin everything.
marcus strikes me as that wolf.
he simply takes good pictures and never talks.
i haven’t seen him in quite a while tho.
just after i thought about him the other day,
he popped up on foto119
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Deven Hubbard Wants You To Like His New Fotos

deven hubbard,
a wolf whose nudes are the most anticipated,
is well on his way.
the basketball thing might be over,
but the modelling world might be a new beginning.
guess who he had a recent shoot with?
check out his fotos…
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Marcus (Laid)

foto119 always gets the best side of marcus.
i like to call this one shot…
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Yamen Sanders Is A Hoodsworld Pre Baller Wolf Alum

i woke up one day and hoodsworld was gone.
he use to quench my hunger for pre to baller wolf meat.
then he was gone.
gone i say!
well foto119 had a shoot with ^this wolf here.
his name is yamen sanders and hoodsworld would feature him a lot.
he plays football for the montana grizzles.
let’s get into his are his current pre baller wolf stats
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Foto119 Makes Antonio Vizcaino Look Like Good Dick

one thing i’m attracted to is a wolf with confidence.
being sexy is great,
but if you don’t have anything else to back it up,
i’ll get bored real quick.
a confident wolf will help you drop your guard and open you up.
if you are a shy fox,
a wolf like that will have you unleashing your inner werewolf.
have you doing shit you didn’t think you would.
i see that with foto119 latest,
antonio vizcaíno.
he is a dominican model wolf from texas who looks…
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