Model Wolf, Lamar Gordon, Gets Some Pipe and Tail Leakage?

/the entry contains explicit content.
viewer discretion is advised.

handsome wolf,
he is a looker.
well i got an interesting foxmail from a hunter in the social media forests.
this is what was sent to me:

Hey Jamari,

I’m a big fan. I check your blog so damn often it’s crazy but I came across something on tumblr. A guy named Lamar Gordon nudes are on there, it’s like a full body hard dick stuff and he’s a aspiring model or whatever. My thing is I seen the same for shondell cummings and that bake dude that foto119 photoed. Foto119 profiled all 3 of these guys I mentioned above and all 3 of their nudes was or is on tumblr with the same style pics.

I’m not saying it’s foto119 exactly but do you think that a photographer is requesting nudes before they shoot a guy? I don’t have enough info on this yet and I’m not that diligent lol. But your readers are, they’ll get to the bottom of this because it may have guys I missed. This would be a interesting topic to discuss…

well thank you foxholer!
here are the pipe and tail leakage for review

leakage pictures tumblr

ya know,
it’s funny,
but i didn’t think he was packin’ that much from his pics:

…but it’s good to know i was wrong.

i can’t tell you how these model wolves get booked.
i also don’t know how their leakage gets on tumblr.
so i’ll ask the foxholers who may know…

How does model wolf leakage get out?

lamar gordon’s pictures credit: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Model Wolf, Lamar Gordon, Gets Some Pipe and Tail Leakage?”

  1. The general rule is: Flaccid penis is art. Erect penis is porn. Models should stay away from pictures of them with erect penises.

  2. So since he’s married who was he sending these pics to?

    I’m telling y’all a lot of these trainers double as hookers lol

    I unfollowed him when last Halloween he took a picture with some white man dressed as a klansman and posted it like it was amusing.

      1. Of course she’s a snow bunny lol.

        He keeps her off his page and they don’t follow each other anymore.

        Probably so he can attract more clients. A toddler and white wife isn’t good for advertisements lol

        Bruh, he posted that pic with him smiling with a dude in kkk clothing and I shook my head like “this coon has to be kidding”.

        He must’ve gotten called out because he quickly deleted it.

  3. He looked better back in the day when he was exclusively with the City Gym Boyz. He was leaner but yet still muscular as well more refreshed in the face currently he looks like the ex star football player at his 20 year reunion after spending some time in AA.

  4. I saw these pics almost a year ago as well and at first I was trying to recall why did he look so familiar, and then it dawn on me who he was. I was a little shocked at these pics because he looks like a old piece of trade who hangs in front of greyhound who just got out of the joint, like if you buy him an Olde English 800 and fix him a bologne sandwich, he is yours for the night. I might be telling too much LOL.

    Personally, I have seen this too many times with these model dudes, and I really think that it some old snow dude who takes these pics and give them a small fee when they fall on hard times, I am sure under the guise that I just want something for my personal collection and I would never released them only for them to surface on tumblr down the line.

    These pretty model boys sure have a lot of secrets.

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