Tiny Harris Finally Makes Her Xscape (Get It?)

she went and got her eyes lightened.
she had alleged threesomes.
she stayed after countless affairs and a alleged cub on the side.
she even had another cub for whatever reasoning.
well tiny harris is done and filed for divorce from t.i.
a vix-bi just alerted me on the breaking news.
you know it’s official when people magazine reports it…

Tameka “Tiny” Harris has reportedly filed for divorce from husband, rapper T.I., after six years of marriage.

According to TMZ, Tiny, 41, filed earlier this month in Henry County, Georgia. The two married in 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida, and have three children together: King, 12; Major Philant, 8; Heiress Diana, 9 months. Tiny, who was born Tameka Cottle, also has an older daughter, Zonnique Pullins, from a previous relationship.

Reps for the stars did not immediately return requests for comment.

T.I., 36, has other children from previous relationships, as well: Messiah, Domani and Deyjah.

well damn.
she wanted to start her glo up early for 2017.

i hope she doesn’t go jumping into a relationship with floyd mayweather.
don’t be a dumbass tiny.
he is not a good rebound.
hell no rebound is a good rebound.
listen to me.

you need to heal ma.
stay single for a while.
get your mental back in order.
you was putting up with foolishness for damn near six years.
who knows what else before that.
after you get some stable footing on getting healed,
 go and get some dick.
some upgrade dick.
“money power and respect” dick.

again: no relationships.
a wolf to break you off throughout 2017.
you’ll be aight!

i’m actually glad she took the first step.
watch t.i. stalk her into 2017 though.
typical fuck jackal moves offering good dick.
he seems like the type that won’t let go even when it’s over.
i wish her the best.

article credited: people

7 thoughts on “Tiny Harris Finally Makes Her Xscape (Get It?)

  1. I’m not surprised. He seems more concerned w/ feminine black boys rather than paying attention to his female spouse. Honestly I could give two fucks about T.I. as a performer or husband. God bless em.

  2. This news was surprising to me. I did not see this coming at all. I never knew their marriage was in trouble, but life goes on.

  3. proud of her.
    no sense of letting a man make a fool of you.
    while he’s out there trying to tell other black how to treat women.
    I can’t stand men Like T.I who do the must shit, then want to act like he better than others.

  4. Good for her now watch the T.I. fans call her a whore, stupid, gold digger and etc…There comes a time when a women becomes fed up and enough is enough it’s like men expect to keep shitting on women and expect them to stay loyal…I’m not riding with you for life meanwhile you’re giving out community dick and possibly exposing me to diseases in the process…These men dont even protect themselves and are married smh a baby on the side is the lease of the worries in 2016…i just feel for the children

  5. Yes good for her, TI has been making a fool of her for a long time now. I have been reading a few gossip blogs about celebrities for the last few months, one of the blogs wrote months back that Tiny and TI was living apart from each other, and that Tiny was fed up with TI and was about to divorce him soon. Well they were right, some of these gossip blogs be on it. Jamari I agree with what you wrote about Tiny not dating right now.

    1. I honesty think the Floyd situation played a big apart in the divorce. TI has allegedly done her dirty for a long time, but gets mad at her when another man entertaines her. Men are so funny, they can cheat and do other things, but then get mad at their partners when they cheat or flirt with someone else.

  6. Good for her and I agree get yourself in order before looking for a new relationship. I want to see her win.

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