Auntie Viv Wants To Start Our Year Off Right With “Black Magic”

auntie viv aka vivica a. fox knows where to get her bread buttered.

half naked wolves taking off their clothes for minds to fill with filth

she knows vixens and foxholers will line up in droves for that.
well she decided to give us what we want.
a show about some “skrippas”.
^that “skrippa”,
who goes by “bolo”,
is one of the many joining her new show called “black magic”.
it will be shown on lifetime and this is the trailer

i’m already feeling my mind slipping by the trailer.
well tmz caught up with auntie viv to find out if she dived head first into meaty drawz.
this is what she had to say:

i wouldn’t be mad at you if you banged one or two.
my foxhole would be open for late night script reviews,
between “11pm to 3am”,
but i’m not a classy fox surrounded by pecs and abs.
she maybe stronger than i.
i wish they would have put this on “hbo” or “starz”.
then again,
lifetime did let this slip by in the “whitney” movie:

that other sex scene with bobby was also raunchy as hell too.
you can catch “black magic” on lifetime,
at 10pm.

lowkey: i cannot wait for this meat…

i’ll even allow this one:

…but he has to cut out that pop lockin shit he loves to do.

11 thoughts on “Auntie Viv Wants To Start Our Year Off Right With “Black Magic”

  1. I love Bolo indeed but this show will be a flop they can’t strip like we’d like to see so they’d only look like go go dancers with swag it can give them more clients but it comes off as colored chip n dales if any thing house wives will crave chocolate after watching.

  2. Yeah because Chocolate City was such a major hit we needed another black male stripper movie🙄

    Does Vivica want to be taken seriously as an actress again?

    1. Exactly. She was like “oh since i liked what i saw from that, let me continue on with this stripper theme. Caus that’s what they all into on social media.” But hey, if it gets her ratings.

  3. I believe this show is the reason Steven Beck moved from Atlanta to LA.I will watch, we rarely see black exotic dancers on tv.Eye Candy

  4. Auntie viv out here making moves! I feel you on the hbo or stars thing they could have gotten away with so much more on there but for the demographic she shooting for Lifetime is a safe bet.

    Between this and the announcement of a kill bill 3 in the works she might well be on her way.

  5. I will be watching, can’t wait to watch for Bolo. The way he was grunting in that video got me horny.

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