Someone Has Bailed From Auntie Viv’s “Black Magic”

this show is already getting messy.
so auntie viv didn’t know what she was getting herself into.
well it may have been her foot.
  jean-claude lamarre,
who happens to be gay and her business partner,
has left her.
i guess they weren’t on the same page with the “no gays allowed” thing.
this is what tmz has to say…
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Auntie Viv Only Wants Female Dollars and Not Gay Ones?

i feel like the following is going to get a little messy.
it might not.
the foxhole may have locked away the petty for 2017.
so you know i love auntie viv.
some of the foxhole hasn’t been a fan as of late.
she had an interview where she said she doesn’t want her stripper wolves,
the ones who are on “black magic”,
to dance for “us”.
no “us” allowed.
this is what she had to say via queerty
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So I Watched “Black Magic” and Well…

so this is the first reality show i’ve watched in a long time.
as you know,
i’ve banished reality shows from my programming.
i ended up watching auntie viv’s “black magic” tonight and well…

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Auntie Viv and A Pineapple Named Alvester

so auntie viv is going hard for this new show,
well she went up on “wendy williams” today,
to promote her new show “black magic”,
and allegedly said the strippers were “the help”.
alvester martin,
one of the cast members of thee show,
called her out and this was her response…
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Auntie Viv Wants To Start Our Year Off Right With “Black Magic”

auntie viv aka vivica a. fox knows where to get her bread buttered.

half naked wolves taking off their clothes for minds to fill with filth

she knows vixens and foxholers will line up in droves for that.
well she decided to give us what we want.
a show about some “skrippas”.
^that “skrippa”,
who goes by “bolo”,
is one of the many joining her new show called “black magic”.
it will be shown on lifetime and this is the trailer
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Auntie Gets Some Drinks In Her and Starts Talking “Gay”

50centvivicadoyouthinkaboutmeso while i was watching “the walking dead” last night,
all hell was breaking loose on “wwhl”.
auntie viv aka vivica a fox was letting it all out about 50 cent.
two animals who broke up years ago.
so andy asked auntie…
you know what?
just check this clip from the show…
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