Auntie Viv and A Pineapple Named Alvester

so auntie viv is going hard for this new show,
well she went up on “wendy williams” today,
to promote her new show “black magic”,
and allegedly said the strippers were “the help”.
alvester martin,
one of the cast members of thee show,
called her out and this was her response…

this is the whole wendy interview:

auntie is looking so pretty!
well alvester claimed that they took his scenes out of the trailer.
he posted the one he is on his ig:

that didn’t post him in a favorable light,
did it?

even though i don’t agree with auntie calling him “gurlfriend”,
i actually had my own run in with alvester.
back in like 2012,
i wrote an entry about him and his pr sent me a very rude email.
they said to me that i used a “less favorable images of him”.
because i got the updated pictures off his twitter at the time.
the pr made sure to highlight he was an entertainer,
make sure i contacted them before i posted,
and needed the post i wrote down in 24 hours.
after i let them professionally know about themselves,
they said they would send me official press shots.
i never got em.
he was immediately banished.
next thing you know,
he is dancing for beyonce and a stripper on lifetime.
i guess that singing thing didn’t work out?
when the foxholers were emailing me to post when he was “hot”,
when he was first spotted dancing back up,
i refused to write about him.
i hope he can find what he is looking for through “black magic”.

lowkey: i remember when he got that “unapologetic” tatt on his neck.
it was for his album he was gonna release.
rihanna debuted her album with the same name a day after.
he was so vex.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Auntie Viv and A Pineapple Named Alvester”

  1. Vivica is shady AF calling that man “Girlfriend.” Smh

    Don’t trust straight women guys…..once you’re of no use to them, they’ll discard you and hit below the belt. Always

    *sips tea*

      1. True! BUT, I’m sure Vivica know knows his tea….and that “girlfriend” comment seems mighty suspicious to me.

  2. My main issue with her is everytime she is in a feud with a guy she resorts to calling them “Gay”,”Queen,” Girlfriend”,etc. I don’t know much about Alvester, if he was a jerk or an asshole I would call him an asshole not Girlfriend.

    BTW Viv looked pathetic getting teary eyed talking about that immature f#ckboy 50 cent being the love of her life.

    Oh yeah I watched HAHN I found one scene , the last scene with Veronica and Catherine entertaining.

    1. ^thats my go to word.

      i stopped watching that show when she was stabbed in the titty,
      pulled the knife out,
      and claims he stabbed her in the breast implant.
      thats when i had to go.
      benny blocking me on twitter helped me forget about it completely.

      1. Benny blocked you on Twitter? For what reason? He retweeted a “jokingly” comment I made towards him last year and I’ve been cyber moist for him every since 😍. He seems like such a sweetheart.

  3. Alvester wack anyway and he is not that cute, but boy oh boy do I love me some Auntie Viv she is a class act. I’m only here for that sexy big musclebound bolo, and Steven. They were also on the Steve Harvey show, and Bolo spoke up there. Damn, I wish he would allow dudes in his strip shows. I would be first in line with a pocket full of dollar bills.

  4. Just saw the interview and she clarified her comments and it was said in a joking manner, his stance is taking her words out of context, but hey this is the world we live in now. I guess she knows something about him that we dont LOL.

    1. I read that he wasn’t straight but he is not “out” I think it is tacky for her to call him Queen.Particularly when she has him on a show that is geared toward women.I saw comments on The Shade Room saying she outed him.A good producer would not be outing members of the cast especially if they are supposed to be appealing to woman.There are women on the blogs already talking about Steven Beck. So know you have 2 dancers out of 8 who might not be straight.She knows how homophobic some women are.I think this was a bad move on her part.

      1. Y Colette – good points. Seems like a good way to sabotage her own show. Drama is good for a new show, but “gay drama” is like lighter fluid on a flame to Black women. Not a good idea Ms. Fox.

  5. Where I come from, if a dog who bites the hand that feeds him gets put down. The decorative stripper has words to say? This won’t be her last show. But, it will be his.

    1. He worked with Beyonce videos & tour AND Micheal Jackson. Vivica is a step down. She knows it. She’s a desparate old saggy fake ass menopausal has been.

      1. So he is making more money on the show than she is? And when he is her age, his money will be coming from where, exactly? This dude should pick his enemies better. When he is done with is “career” as backup meat, he will need to feed himself as arm candy for just such a saggy menopausal has been. The only thing sadder than an over the hill actress is somebody whose only offering to the world is the body he used to have.

    2. My sentiments exactly. You choose to trade on your looks so shut up and be eye candy. People can talk about Vivica all day long but she’s had a decent film career.

  6. Alvester is actually a nice guy, maybe he just doesn’t want to be associated with you and that is his choice!

  7. I don’t care for Vivica or that botched face of hers.

    It’s amazing how she love to call me queen or girlfriend but she walking around like a botched up Tranny. She always so mean to people like she gets a kick out of coming for people. She comes off as insecure.

      1. Well one thing for sure is it will get ratings…..The two suspect guys in question will benefit from the publicity. The circle already knows who gets down but why air it…..The main attraction had some play in Atlanta……..The tape will probably come out soon…. He is the one she wouldn’t dare call a girl……

      2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry I’m not Alvester and didn’t mean to write me. iPhone autocorrect.

  8. So sick of her. And she wonders why she’s 50 and lonely. She always attacks men’s sexuality when she gets into feuds with them. Calling him queen and gurlfriend and shit. Bitch bye. Over her.

    1. Est. 1996 – For Black women, calling another man (or implying that he may be) GAY is their weapon of choice. Homophobia is still very prevalent in the black community despite what some would have you believe.

      1. Not sure. LOL
        Someone said that Steve shaded Heat on his IG page. I went to see, but I didn’t see anything.

      2. I just checked Steven didn’t tag Heat in three posts.Pic on set of Wendy show.Pic and video at Yahoo.Definite Shade he tagged everybody else.

      3. Yeah Y Collete I noticed Steven didn’t tag Heat either. Heat was just on IG live saying that he dealt with a lot of BS while he was on the show. So who knows

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