Auntie Viv Only Wants Female Dollars and Not Gay Ones?

i feel like the following is going to get a little messy.
it might not.
the foxhole may have locked away the petty for 2017.
so you know i love auntie viv.
some of the foxhole hasn’t been a fan as of late.
she had an interview where she said she doesn’t want her stripper wolves,
the ones who are on “black magic”,
to dance for “us”.
no “us” allowed.
this is what she had to say via queerty

Given the success of Magic Mike, especially among gay men, we’d say that, unlike her previous efforts, Vivica may be onto something with this new show. There’s just one teeny tiny problem: She doesn’t want any gay guys there.

In a recent interview with Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy on the morning radio show The Breakfast Club, she was asked if her show was “for gay men, too.”

“Aw, hell no,” Vivica was quick to reply. “Back all that up. No! NO!

When asked why her dancers wouldn’t perform for gay men, Vivica replied, “Because there’s no need to. They dance for women. It’s called the ultimate girls night out for a reason.”

starts @2:50:

now here is the thing.
i get what she is saying,
but the delivery was off.
auntie viv is way too seasoned in the game to be answering questions like that.
she answered that like a “devante” at some bodega.
he asked for swizz cheese and they put cheddar on his sandwich.

“aww hell naw pineapple!
i don’t eat no american cheese pineapple!
aww hell naw!
back all that up!”

that was the off putting part.
this particular show with these stripper wolves is geared towards vixens.
it’s being introduced to the audience as that.
if we are so offended,
we can go ahead and make a male revue of our own.
i’m sure there are a ton of gay strippers in atlanta looking for a gig.
am i wrong?
well she took to her twitter to defend herself:

well good.
she does know some of her stripper wolves know “us” and our money well…
i can spot at least 2 who are familiar.
they could be straight or gay,
but their real label is “checking account”.
“we” are known to pay good money for some fantasy pipe/tail/both.
i just hope she doesn’t think most of them are fully

article taken: queerty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “Auntie Viv Only Wants Female Dollars and Not Gay Ones?”

  1. I love how these male strippers pretend like they’re making all this money performing just for women. Meanwhile they’re on connectpal beating off and busting it open for men. I wonder which one of the guy’s on the show ass auntie Viv eating?

      1. SOME of them are. A majority of them would probably turn a guy down, unless it was a ridiculous amount of money…and then again, there are some who would say no because they are genuinely uncomfortable being naked in the presence of another man.

  2. I totally agree with what you wrote Jamari. I don’t think she meant any harm but the way she delivered that “NO” was uncalled for. Let’s be real the main demographic that is watching the show is gay black men and black women. There are plenty of women, that do not like male strippers, they don’t like being felt up and touch inappropriately by a random guy, these has been told to me by a few females I know. I saw this topic on a couple gossip pages about Vivica saying no men and a lot of commenters who I assume are women were going in and saying they don’t even like male strippers they think their gay. Now I’m not saying they are gay, but I think there might be some that will have no problem dancing for us men in Vivica’s Black Magic. I just wish they were in my area so I could get a private one on one nude dance with them, and do more if the money is right. By the way I think people are going to play FBI and find dirt on the men in Black Magic.

    1. Jonathan “Heat” Martinez already didn’t want his pics or videos to be put on this website (insidejamarifox) and on Manzzle which both are catered to gay men. Plus he was dancing “allegedly” in a gay bar years ago. Also, Bolo the Entertainer, or Michael Bolowaire as that’s his real name, used to play football back in college. I don’t know much tea on him; however, my question is why turn down a chance to play football professionally after college just to pursue a career as a male exotic dancer? If the coins are better by taking off your clothes and start doing the same tired ass gyrating, grinding, pelvic thrust, booty clap, dick slinging, and dry humping that every woman or gay man has seen for the past few years online and offline.

      Now Steven Beck A*K*A “Charm” *rolls eyes* should’ve just stick to modeling and be a brand ambassador for some underwear such as Andrew Christian, 2xist, Emporio Armani just to name a few. And plus, his stripper name is stupid and should be just “Beck.”

      At the end of the day, this is basic entertainment for everyone. I’ll just continue to watch “Catfish” or “Fix my Life” or watch Odell Beckham Jr. ruin careers. *sips tea and pulls hood overhead*

  3. Interesting that she said that, when you could clearly men in the audience (although way in the back) at their “debut” for her close friends and family on the show. Truth be told, the only one I could see turning down money is Bolo…but even he might consider it for the right price, which I think would be astronomical. LOL

  4. I don’t find any offense to what she said, just seemed like her personality. Let’s be real for a second, this’ll sell much better if she advertises it for vixens than if she advertised it for gay men.

    1. ^@Dee…I would beg to disagree with you on this one. I think if this show had a “gay night” it would probably do better than any of the regular women’s night. I wish she’d put that theory to the test.

      1. So the same men would dance for the ladies and also do a night for men? Doesn’t seem like it’d work to me. I don’t think the men would care, but I’m willing to bet some of the women would get turned off.

      2. No. Some of the guys probably would care…especially Bolo.

        I was just saying that if she had a male revue show for gay men it would probably do better than the one for the ladies.

        Hell, if she REALLY wants to be a business woman…get out there and find some comparable gay/bi men and put a show together and put it on LOGO. Come on Vivica, do I gotta do all of the thinking for ya?!

      3. I meant that the male customers wouldn’t care, but I’m willing to bet lots of the women customers would get turned off if they knew the same men were dancing for a “gay night”.

        I agree that a different set of men for gay men would be much more profitable, but ratings always plummet for shows whenever there’s too much gay content. It’d be better if she got money from this show and opened up a gay club afterwards.

      4. As much as I would like it to be a few of the guys, I’m sure they wouldn’t do it…knowing their reputations are at risk. She would have to find comparable gay/bi guys and the show would have to be on a station that plays gay themed content, which is why I suggested the LOGO network. Rupaul’s show is their highest rated show. I personally would rather see men taking their clothes OFF, rather than putting on makeup and dressing up as horrible looking women.

      5. I agree that the dancers would make more money performing for men but I believe they would lose their female audience.So they would have to choose one or the other.They can’t do a “gay night” with the same 8 guys.Because the women are going to be MIA on the straight night if they know those same dancers are dancing for men.If doesn’t matter if the dancers don’t interact with the men.The mere fact that they are dancing FOR MEN is going to alienate most of the female fans.

        It won’t bother me but I watch gay porn.😂

        I was just on a blog a couple of days ago and they asked a question.Can two straight men facetime? 80 percent of the women responded NO.A few said only if they were related or if they needed to show each other some shoes or article of clothing.That lets you know how insane some people’s thinking is that two straight best friends can’t FT because people are going to assume they are not straight.

  5. That Rx was a subliminal and knee-jerkish, Auntie can’t help herself y’all..she gettin ti’ed of the gay/dl-men in her life, left a bitter taste in her mouth….*waves*…”Heeeey 50!”

  6. “when i came up with the concept it was for women, so they only gonna dance for women in the public. now whoever enjoy it feel free to watch it” it really wan’t that hard vivica… still love you tho.

  7. On the Breakfast Club,later in the interview, she said guys have been at several of the performances.I hate when people don’t watch the entire interview.The group was created for Black women but gay men,White women, etc can attend.It is not like she bans guys from the shows.

  8. Now “Dawling”? Wow smh. I’m not comparing this to black movement at all….but everybody wants to be gay but not be gay. Women want to talk like gays but don’t want us fucking their men, hood dudes want to wear gay designers but not support gay men rights, but at the end of it do something they don’t like and they calling you gay bastard and faggots etc. I don’t speak like that and I’m offended because in most non gay minds we are generalized as feminine messy cock hungry sluts who talk like over the top ghetto girls…when we don’t. So when these women “talk” like that it’s like a mockery of a stereotype. They stay putting us in a box. Vivica know damn well women don’t like men grinding on them with g strings much like men do. Whatever chipmunk cheeks.

    1. Bolo got you all so fooled…..It’s funny mark my word some body has …..via that gym in atlanta…..tape might be coming out….Plus….the ones that are family ain’t fooling no body……She better make that paper and them guys too while.It’s available…

      1. Uhm… I know some people are really good at keeping secrets…this is NOT the time for keeping confidences, LMAO. At least post the info under a ‘new’ moniker. What’s T, Boo?

      2. I would hate to believe that someone could be that petty and vindictive. If they have a tape with Bolo, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, they need to keep that to themselves.

        Dude is trying to come up, and for someone to try to knock him down at this point when he is so close, only feeds into that “crab-in-the-barrel” mentality.

        I would love to see the man in action, but not at the risk of his career.

      3. Christian I was thinking the same thing. If it’s a tape out there of Bolo I don’t want it to be released, it would end his career right now. I kind of don’t believe there is a tape anyway, and if it is I doubt it would get released.

      4. Mayne, I don’t want to see that happen to him. Casual, bought or not, respect the experience and save it for posterity. Damn, why can’t he be great (at doing him)?

  9. I just read La Bare doesn’t allow men in unless they are accompanied by a woman.Black Magic doesn’t have that rule.

    As for having a gay night,IMO, it is not going to work because most of the women don’t believe a “straight guy” would dance for men.So they are going to be less inclined to go to see the guys perform because they are going to assume they are gay or bisexual.You know if they call a guy gay based on his clothes or hairstyle they are definitely going to call him gay if he dances for men on a gay night.

    Are there any black male strippers who openly perform at gay clubs for men and perform at straight clubs for women? Maybe there are some in Atlanta.IDK

  10. Welp! Heat danced at a gay club in NYC back in the day (saw the video on MyVidster)… I like to see flesh, so I used to be a stripper stan. I’ve seen Heat & Bolo’s natural selves, and am satiated, LOL… Everything isn’t for everybody. Identity politics is getting a little out of hand, every little thing rubs everyone the worst way.

    I *wish* I could (had the courage) to just queen out one-time and let black women have it about all the shit that isn’t for them that they party-crash on…like designer labels, retail establishments, other women’s men… I would incinerate their asses, sit at my potter’s wheel and make a cup from their ashes and drink hot milk & tea from it.

    I’m not sure if Charlemagne instigated this, but I would take delicious pleasure at grudge fucking him and cumming all over his immaculate eyebrows. Such a bitch nigga, and only bitch niggas and the bitches that love them don’t see it.

    Apologies for the colorful language. I needed to say this. Now umma go re-wind that vid I downloaded of heat showing his smooth hole. FOR.MONEY. What female wants to see that?

      1. Welcome! I personally would take him over Bolo, just preference. I’d rub the skin off Bolo’s cheeks, tho,

      2. He is hot. I just wish he’d stop that pop-locking/robotic movement shyt he does. It’s so played out!!
        I wouldn’t turn down Bolo though!! Or Steven for that matter!

      3. @Christian…LOLOLO… I would guess that he copped that style from Detroit strippers. They did all that back in the 90’s. Go to mymusclevideo and search for Heat. I checked, the video is there, and several others.

  11. I got a question who’s dick and ass of the male strippers in which it belongs answer its there’s they can dance for whom they want she a pimp fuck her I bet more men watch show then women and I guarantee most are at least two of the males have danced for men even Chippendale welcome men it’s all about money honey girl with the fake nose bye

    1. I endorse this WHOLE message.

      I watch porn, and used to favor the strippers. I just don’t innserstand why these dudes always wait for someone else to build a platform to profit from their labor (something we suffer from culturally).

      I’m not offended by how she responded, nor whom she created the experience for. I just wish the shit was on HBO, LOLOL… I personally am not comfortable expressing my sexuality in the midst of femenine energy; especially towards presumed straight me. Being an average “Joe” who goes unnoticed, I get annoyed when a female barges into a convo with a straight male that I’m crushing on.

      A mixed crowd changes the energy, and she may perceive that as a barrier to sales, as women generally don’t want to be lusting after and competing for dick with men, at.the.same.time. I get it.

    2. Hey fellows go to YouTube watch male dancers dance for women the tips are horrible a lot of singles if any Bolo has made a name selling products movie etc just dancing is shoe money but he is gay friendly they could do a show for men without going in audience and do well steve beack aka charm I gotta hit that any one Knows bold head guy name hes hot af

      1. “It ain’t tricking if you got it” — kanye

        I guess the women are not subsidizing these men like they used to. Good for them.

  12. this mess isn’t going to last. after trump fuck this country to hell and back. who’s going have money to look at the men.

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