It’s Cold Right Now For Kim Burrell

…as she watches from outside.
kim burrell is still getting dragged.
her comment sections on social media are armageddon.
well she suffered another loss as “a gospel trailblazer”.
she got dropped to perform at the bmi gospel music event.
billboard says…

Kim Burrell will not take part in next weekend’s BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Honors, the performance rights organization announced on Friday (Jan. 6). 

The announcement comes amidst a wide backlash against Burrell over a sermon she gave calling homosexuality “perverted.”

She has since been dropped from a scheduled performance on Ellen and had her show “Bridging the Gap with Kim Burrell” canceled from Texas Southern University’s KTSU radio station.

In a statement, BMI announced Burrell’s removal from the ceremony scheduled for Jan. 14:

“BMI’s Trailblazers of Gospel Music is an annual celebration of gospel music and its many talented songwriters. Given the controversy surrounding this year’s co-honoree Kim Burrell, we have asked her to not take part in the ceremony in order to allow the focus to remain on the songwriters and their music. BMI was founded over 76 years ago with an open door policy to welcome songwriters across all genres, and that same spirit of tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness continues today.”

BMI further clarified the statement to Billboard to explain Burrell is no longer being honored, in addition to being pulled from the ceremony

i can just imagine her church sermon tomorrow.

“they trying to take my sanity lawd!
they trying to bring me down lawd!
 they won’t get me there lawd!
see this is a test!
a test to see if i can handle the next level in life!
you gotta have something taken away for better!”

…or something to that effect.
the problem with all that is when you offend a few forests.
you become what you tell others to overcome.
she is now “the example”,
although christians have preached this sermon time and time again.
since we live in a “live” social media era,
it will now be brought to light.
i say she claim insanity and be done with it.

lowkey: people need to understand that its one thing to be outspoken,
but its another to be offensive.
you can be as outspoken as you want to be,
but when you are offending others…
that’s a problem.

article taken: billboard

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “It’s Cold Right Now For Kim Burrell”

  1. Kim will be alright and I doubt her donations will see a major drop, people fail to realize that many people don’t let the social media Era affect them, especially christians. The problem that I have with you and one of the other blogs is that you are constantly hyping what others behind a keyboard or a few people in entertainment have done to her. The proper way this situation should have been handled is for Kim to have been interviewed and educated on the LGBT community and it may have been a friendship and bond made, but a lot of people in the LGBT community want to go on the attack and attempt to ruin others lives. As I said previously Kim will be alright and she has a team that is likely giving her support and remember she is in Texas one of the biggest supporters against the LGBT lifestyle.

    1. ^shouldn’t we do this to everyone as well?

      even the attentionistos online who disrespect gays.
      we “teach” her,
      but “attack” the males online who are homophobic.
      is it because she has a bigger platform?
      im only stating an opinion.
      she is a hypocrite and has been called out for it.
      that’s her choice.
      she wanted the fame of being a star to the world (working with pharrell and frank ocean) and there are consequences for her actions.

      don’t even get me started on the stan wars.
      shouldn’t we educated them as well?
      or the new blacks who love whites?
      it is a very universal lesson.

      crazy how no one in her church circle has come to her defense,
      but they uninvited her at her own table.

      1. Actually there have been church members including gays / transgenders that have taken up for her. All I am saying is that we have to assess the situation and instead of being childish with calling names and creating memes, reach out to the person and try to educate them. Did Dr. King try to start wars or did he go about it in a manner to try to educate and promote change. Also, we have to remember that everyone that speaks for us may not actually be for us, it is amazing what the power of money and opportunities can do.

        1. ^i agree with the educating those to help them see passed their ignorance,
          but im having a hard time with the rest.
          there have been others who have been just a worse that i haven’t seen the “reach out an educate” term being thrown around.
          it’s interesting to me.
          allegedly this lady wanted to be main stream and hired a full out glam squad of gay men.
          suddenly they all need to die in 2017?
          she worked with a gay artist on one of his songs,
          yet we are all “perverted”?
          it’s one thing to be ignorant and disassociate yourself from things you don’t like.
          it’s another to be a hypocrite.

          this goes for ALL those who do this.
          not just kim.
          we need to sit trump and his cronies down and educate them on our issues since we are teaching.

    2. I always find it interesting when people want Blacks,Gays,etc to educate bigots and racists on our communities.No,It’s not my responsibility to educate a grown ass man or woman to not “touch my hair” or compare Black women to “apes in heels” as they did to Michelle Obama.

      It is not the gay community’s job to educate Kim’s grown ass that calling people perverted is inappropriate.It is her responsibility to reach out to them IF she wants to be educated, IMO.Hell if she wants to learn more, Google it.
      There is no excuse to be ignorant.Just like she went on FB live with that non apology she could have asked her LGBT fans to educate her, to explain how her comments impacted them, but she didn’t.

      1. ^right!
        we always having to sit someone down and teach them how to treat us.
        fuck that.
        she may be “okay” with her money,
        but her own don’t even want her to their event.
        my opinion on the matter may hurt a lot less.

      2. Great comment Y Colette.

        There is NO excuse to be ignorant! and honestly do you really believe that Kum-Bah-yah shit will work with an old Church person? Please. It’s one thing to have an opinion, and it’s another to put your foot in your mouth. It’s not smart to do that on any public platform.

      3. Y Colette,

        I understand that you are upset, but it is always better to be the better person and you have to remember that she has been taught this way as a child and it will likely take education and empathy in order for her to realize that her point of view may be wrong. Instead of being on the attack and not getting anything done, but making both sides possibly look foolish, we have to look for a resolution that will eventually get others to take notice and inspire them.

      4. I am sorry I am not going to give her a pass because that’s what she was taught in church.I was taught the same thing in church about homosexuality.I educated myself.I sought out people to give me another perspective.

        Changing topics, last week I was called a nigger by a white guy in a Walgreen’s parking lot.I am sure he was taught in church or his home to think of Blacks as inferior.That is no excuse.He looked like he was about forty years old.If he was 15 maybe I would give him a pass for being ignorant.

        Also I am not going to give Kim a pass because she is a black woman.I expect more of us because we have to deal with being oppressed.Because we have to deal with racism and sexism.I expect us to be more compassionate, more empathatic.I am more disappointed in her than I was with Donnie McClurkin when he made similar comments.I feel the same way about Vivica A Fox when she called that dancer “Gurlfriend” and “Queen”.Disappointed.

        Lastly I am confused why people are acting like Kim is some sheltered , uneducated country bumpkin who has never left her neighborhood.Kim was besties with Whitney, she has been around the entertainment industry.Hell she was at Clive Davis Grammy party a couple of times.She has been around openly gay stylists, make up artists,agents,etc.She is not some naive girl from the backwoods who has never been exposed to people from different walks of life.Yet she still feels comfortable degrading and dehumanizing people who already are struggling with their sexuality and their religion.What if there was a teenage LGBT person in her congregation listening to her calling them perverted and saying they may die in 2017? Im sorry that’s unacceptable to me.So like I said if she wants to reach out to LGBT people ,fine.I wouldn’t reach out to her just like I wouldn’t reach out to the asshole who called me a nigger in the parking lot because I took to long to back out a parking space.

    3. She’s only had any repercussions because she’s black and a woman. Just about the bottom of the totem pole in America as far as privilege goes.

      Anyone forget who the Vice President is? Lol

      Like I said, still won’t affect her standing in the church, which is her primary audience anyway. Too late to be trying to do secular music anyway.

    4. Jamari,

      I agree that what she said was hurtful and went to far and that she is a hypocrite, but fighting is the last thing we need to try to be doing, especially in the black community. Also, congratulations on your continued success of the blog.

      1. ^thank you dee jay!

        it’s a passionate topic.
        i hope you don’t think im mad at you for your opinion?
        it’s a debate and with any debate,
        we all won’t agree.

  2. She will be fine. Way too many people agree with her. All she has to do is go on a Christian TV station and talk how she is being persecuted.

  3. That’s the part the kills me.

    Gays feel proud they dragged a woman who’s words virtually have no affect on their lives, all the while ignoring government officials who will be actively working against their rights for the next four years.

    Shut them down then you have power. Not very hard to bring down another largely oppressed group in this country.

      1. Apples and oranges.

        There’s a difference between oppression and someone just not liking you or the way you lead your life.

        1. ^ill agree to disagree.

          others have gotten dragged for their opinions.
          like anyone else in the world,
          she isn’t immune to backlash.
          regardless of who she is or how much money she makes,
          she was extremely ignorant.
          if chris brown and trump get dragged for their nonsense,
          why can’t it be kim’s turn?
          because she sings church negro spirituals?
          it’ll be over in a week or so.
          it’s a hot story right now.

  4. I could care less about her getting dragged, but in the end what did it solve besides others feeling good about her getting dragged?

    Sermons in churches aren’t changing and changes arent being made to the Bible.

    I’m genuinely surprised how many gay people felt some type a way about what she said. No one should evoke this much of a reaction that isn’t actively oppressing you.

  5. Would have loved this type of energy to be focused on those bastards who are creating laws and barriers rather than a woman giving a sermon.

    1. Most of the people running their mouths have no idea what laws this incoming administration are trying to pass 😂

      1. Trust me, I’m always bitching about the legit cronies that Trump is putting into his cabinet, and I’m not even American! Any political comments I’ve made on this blog will prove that. He might get to choose Supreme Court Justices too(yes, plural). You all are screwed, and better hope that the “Democrats” spontaneously materialize a backbone and put a stop to it, just like the republicans did. (I know that won’t happen though)

        Doesn’t take away the fact that this lady is ignorant though lol. As you can see, there is plenty to complain about lol.

  6. You know it says what it says what in the Bible (along with a host of other DON’T S & DOs). Why does it always seems as though the LGBT community want validation from the church? Validation and acceptance from the church that may be accepting for alterior motive. Forget the church and those in it and worry about your personal relationship with God. Also why does it seem that people live to drag people now granted, she could have kept her opinion to herself, but it just seems like people find joy in dragging people for say the smallest things. What happened to not stopping to somebody’s level? Or letting them have their say regardless of how stupid the say is. This community got be careful we don’t become the bully now. Kim Burrell is big in gospel not the secular scene we are make to much of this statement. There are people in that community that do and say far worse and it is well known. Where is that draggin?

    1. THIS.

      Ain’t even religious, but want acceptance from everyone. That’s not the world we live in. Long as you’re not affecting my life, I’m good.

    2. Excusing someone on the basis that we should be dragging another person for something worse has never made any sense to me. I’m all for leaving people to their ignorance, but only when they’re keeping it to themselves and not spreading it.

      1. It’s not even about “acceptance”. It’s about ignorance. So yeah, they get dragged. I’m not sure what’s so baffling about that. Don’t be ignorant. Simple. You don’t have to accept me, just stfu about it. If she and her people need to express their opinions on public platforms, then prepare for a battle. It’s really a simple fix.

    3. If you’re gonna be ballsy and say your “opinion” in front of many for it to then be broadcasted in front of millions then BE PREPARED for “opinions” and other forms of backlash being reciprocated. Period. This isn’t even an LGBT thing, when famous white people say ignorant things about black people all you see is Black twitter/instagram in that person’s mentions attacking them. It’s a human thing to react to something you don’t like. Not a gay “LGBT” thing.

  7. Kim Burrell is a celebrity.Celebrities get dragged every damn week when they say stuff that people find offensive.Rappers,actors,singers, athletes,etc lose endorsements,get fired for saying racist sh##, anti Gay stuff.She can say whatever she wants to say but best believe if you are in the public eye you will have to deal with the consequences.A few years ago an actor of Seinfield called some guy a nigger.He didn’t work for years.Isiah Washington called a guy a faggot he was blacklisted for years.Stop acting like people don’t get dragged.McClurkin was dropped from MLK concert for similar comments.Countless people have been dragged for doing more and less.She will be fine Hell maybe Pence will invite her to sing at Trump’s Inaguration.

    I am sure she will double down on her stance during a sermon Sunday but phones will not be allowed.

  8. The following is my post made earlier on the Facebook:

    Burrell/Trump: The Frightening Similarity

    No MAN knows the day nor the hour…

    So, why do we insist on speaking in absolutes on topics that have yet to be proven on this side of glory!?!

    I am speaking on the Kim Burrell debacle….once only.

    It has caused the saints and ain’t’s to once again draw lines in the sand about the people of GOD that are members of the LGBT community. Common stances:

    “Why y’all mad? She telling the truth!”

    “The Church (leadership or most popular) should be ashamed for not stepping up to defend her.”

    “Who I love is between me and GOD!”

    “NO sin is greater than the other.”

    “That’s what she get for associating with the World…”

    “See, told y’all they hate us. Why do you keep subjecting yourself to religious bullying?”

    In a little over two months, wealthy Republicans have begun the process to undo EVERYTHING minorities have gained and accomplished over the last 60 years, but the Black Community would rather tear itself apart over bullshyt!!!

    As a proclaimed minister to GOD’s people, Kim Burrell committed the cardinal sin of a teacher, alienating those you want to teach/save. I have no problem whatsoever with her beliefs. They are hers to have. Her tone and language is why she is catching hell. I watched the clip, then searched for a more complete version of the sermon. What she said and how she said it is reminiscent of the Sunday’s Best clip that has resurfaced. Then, and now, there is an air of superiority and condemnation that Burrell exudes, an unapologetic arrogance. That is why she is going through this storm without the support so many feel she should have.

    It is too close to the oompa loompa for comfort:

    Hateful speech aimed at a specific group of people
    Making comments without thought.
    Making negative comments about the very people that support you.
    Being inconsistent with your views to stem the damage to your finances.
    Thinking that an opportunistic apology will make it all go away.
    Support for the “truth” being spoken until that “truth” is about the supporter

    At this precipice of the future of minorities in these yet to be United States of America, Kim Burrell is inconsequential. We have more serious and
    Impacting issues to focus upon.

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