Ronnie Likes To Beat The Breaks Off… Allegedly

everyone meet ronnie jr. munonyedi.
we have featured him before.
ronnie has been a bad wolf.
so a vix-bi alerted me on the latest dealing with ronnie.
he likes to beat ya up.
well he did it his alleged snow bunny.
this is what he put on his ig

why would he even write that?
this all stems from a near domestic violence charge last night.
roid rage?
that was mean.
well the comments under that picture are very telling:



What’s the real story?

lowkey: he is strong…

he could kill you with one punch.
these attentionistos need to handle their anger better.
i thought the gym was suppose to help that problem.

angry sex,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Ronnie Likes To Beat The Breaks Off… Allegedly”

  1. He doesn’t seem like a woman beater to me. Just the vibe I’m getting, could be wrong. But according to his brother(who commented under the pic), the chick is crazy and has mental issues

    1. ^we reallllllllly need to look at who we jump into relationships with.
      for the last few days,
      i’ve been around those in off the wall relationships and the issues in them.

      1. That’s so true. We’re so eager to be in a relationship, we don’t do background checks on them. just jump right into it.

    2. Could be her, could be him. We really don’t know. Whatever the situation…no one needs to put their hands on the other because once that happens, you’re labeled for life. Walk away. If the person persists or follows you, call the cops. Unless it’s a life-threatening situation, there should be no need to put their hands on anyone.

  2. I’m more concerned with the massage me in the comments than anything. I don’t know if he did it or not I guess we’ll have to wait and see what else comes out.

  3. I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. He never had her in his Instagram pictures, which I always find odd. Not, to be racist but hey you black wolves keep on picking these snow bunnies and see where it gets you.

    1. Many of the guys on IG won’t put up pics of their girlfriends/boyfriends, because most of them are on there trying to get as much ass as they possibly can. The Brits are just as bad as the American fellas!

      1. He actually puts his girlfriends all over his snapchats, he was dating a black girl right before. He didn’t hide her. He keeps his IG professional

      2. I guess that’s true Christian, the life of an Instagram celeb. They keep their personal life off the gram, but post about everything else. I also like how you wrote girlfriends/(boyfriends) lol you are so right.

  4. LOL he blocked me just for asking what happened! What a douche! Why put up a caption mentioning your ex if you don’t want folks being nosy? What an idiot!

    Ronnie if you’re reading this, stick those dumbbells up your ass and call it a day bitch!

  5. A lot of people on IG do stuff like that. They’ll block you with no explanation. It happened to me for the first time.
    I asked a guy a question about an item of clothing he had on, and he blocked me. LOL

    I think it’s an ego and/or power trip thing. Let ’em have it. Without IG they wouldn’t feel important.

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