A NFL Free Agent Baller Wolf Gets Some Sextape Leakage?

/the following is rated xxx.
parental advisory is definitely advised.

who wants to see an alleged nfl baller wolf sex tape leakage?
well don’t raise your paws so fast.
well it’s currently a free agent that’s a foxhole ratchet.
everyone meet bbw royce reed’s ex,
or current (i don’t know with these two anymore),
dezmon briscoe.
he is always getting caught up with sending his pipe everywhere.
this time,
we allegedly get to see how he uses it.
this is the alleged jack off/sex tape leakage via fameolous


i always thought he was sexy:

…but he is way too sloppy.
he is community pipe.
any vixen can get that dick.
the vixen looks like she was enjoying the free agent pipe.
that is what i like to see than a jack off video.

lowkey: can we get some more baller wolf leakage in 2017?

video credited: fameolous

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “A NFL Free Agent Baller Wolf Gets Some Sextape Leakage?”

  1. Well I mean do they sell condoms anymore seems it’s rare that any one use them I guess Obama care got everyone like fuck it idk but he has a pretty dick tho again without a face is it him we no who the thot is

    1. ^@Ricardo….it does make you wonder! People are going all up in one another raw. I guess they believe that STD’s no longer exist. It’s Crazy!

      When I see stuff like this it makes me mad that gays get blamed for the transmission of STD’s, when there are heterosexual men and women out there doing shyt like this, sex with no condom, and there’s no telling how many others they’ve done the same with.

      Reckless behavior like this makes me think your ass deserves whatever happens.

  2. it’s kinda tiny tho. I mean i’m not a size queen but still i need to feel it in me

    1. What size dicks are you use to taking, because that is big enough for enjoyment and to hit the walls… -_-

      1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now don’t do me like that. But for real his dick is as big as 2 thumbs… not enough for me

  3. No where in the video did I see his face or the face of any male and i saw no recognizable features like moles or tatoos. He can plausably deny that he’s in the video. On the other hand, her face is clearly recognizable.

    “lowkey: can we get some more baller wolf leakage in 2017?” That’s virtually guaranteed. These guys don’t learn from the “baller wolf leakage” that seems to happen about every other week.

    1. Exactly Christian, and they probably just met. I see why some of these ballers have all these kids by different women.

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